Divorce can be a traumatic time for the couple who are splitting. It is a much more terrible time for the children of the couple who are getting divorced. The children will be traumatized mentally because of their life being shattered once and for all. In fact many kids become rebellious and start becoming anti social elements due to the divorce of their parents too.
There are various reasons for this and they are all listed in this article.

1. Confusion:

The children are confused because of the sudden change in the family status. The kids are not able to comprehend what has happened in their peaceful family. The child must have had a stable life and the sudden changes including custody of he child and the fact that the child will be able to spend time with only one of the parents at a time will cause the child to go into a phase of depression.

2. Court rulings:

If there is a amicable settlement between the couple on who will be having the kids, then the children are happier, but if there is a situation where the coupe are contesting for the care of the child, then the child is sure to be disturbed by this and may start becoming aloof. Many kids start becoming loners at this time when they feel that their parents have cheated them.

3. Peer trouble:

The peer trouble that the kids face in their school because of the divorce of the parents is very tragic. Almost all the kids whose parents have been divorced face some sort of trouble in their school because of the taunting and the teasing that the child faces in the school.

4. Financial troubles:

The kids too face the pinch when the parents are divorced. All the time when the parents were together, the kids did no have to worry about their financial life as the parents were there to take care of it. On the other hand, after a divorce of the parents, the income in the family decreases and the child may not get the same allowance as before the parents divorce. This causes a lot of economic trouble to the child too.

5. Lack of control:

As the parents are divorced, the child also does not have a proper control because the effect of the divorce could have made the child get out of control. In this situation, the concerted effort of the parents is needed, but there is only one person at any one time to take care of the child and even that parent might have a lot of things to do and so the lack of control on the child causes the child to become more 'wild' leading to various family and social problems.

This is the reason for the child of parents who are divorced to have a proper control on the child. This will make the child to feel better and also be a good kid under the control and care of the parent.

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