Career! It is the first word shot at us once we step into the school. The first essay we get to write about is 'myself' and there,that is when our fates are somewhat decided. Rather our decision is stated. Some wish to become a doctor,an engineer, or a teacher. Amongst these stereotypical career opportunities most of us forget that not everyone can become a teacher nor everyone wants to become one. Specially in the 21st century when the world is so technologically advanced and there are so many wings where a child can make his or her career is often forgotten. Elders often forget that girls are no longer meant to do only household chores or at the most become a teacher. They can build a career of their own choice and need not be ashamed of.

But can the entire blame be placed on the shoulders of those who are the descendents of the bygone era? No I don't think so. It is the education system of India which needs to be blamed. It is our high rising demand which needs to be blamed. It is the governing system which is to be blamed. All of us dream to become something we love,but how many of us actually achieve it? Not many! Thanks to the 'high cut off' rules of the education body. While in school we all choose something we have an interest on to build a career. Say for example, lets talk about Snehashish. A bright student of one of the reputed schools of kolkata belonging to a mediocre family,like many others had a dream to pursue medicals. But competing with millions of other students in the competitive exam,he couldn't get through one of the government colleges. Of course money does a lot of talking now a days and he could easily get through one of the private colleges. But belonging to a mediocre family he could not afford it. And then what? His wish to become a doctor, ail the poor just doomed. He had to choose an alternative subject just to get a graduate degree and now like million others he is working in an IT company something which was not his cup of tea.

Though money has got a big role to play for millions of students who can't follow their dreams,for some this same money is the reason why they don't follow their dreams. Lets talk about Karan who always wanted to become a cricketer and he was genuinely good at it. But literally forced by parents who thought that not everyone can become a Sachin Tendulkar,forced him to take up engineering, the easiest way to earn huge money. Amidst the rat race of solving physics equations Karan had to leave the sport. I just have a question for his parents. Why do you want him to become another Sachin? Maybe he could just build an individual identity. Maybe the world would look up to Karan and his last six that would make his team win.

This myth that apart from academics any extracurricular activity should be limited to recreation is wrong. Not everyone is good in academics, that doesn't mean that he is a total waste. He may just excel in dance,sports and so on.

Apart from the money factor the social boundaries also stand as a barrier in the way of many youth. Pamela wanted to become a journalist,she wanted to make those people in the remote areas aware of their rights. She herself wanted to raise voice for the rights people are deprived of. But bound by social boundaries she couldn't even stand for her own right. She couldn't go against her parents who thought journalists lead an immoral life or she would have to stay out of home till late at night which is not good for a girl. Well for those parents who share the same views, I would like to ask if you don't take a step forward, if you feel yourself inferior to men,how can you even want an equality? How can you pray for corruption to end?

I would just like to tell the youth,listen to your heart. Follow your dreams. Not every man can become an Einstein or Shakespeare but at least there would be a Pamela or a Snehashish we would look up to. Your decision might not get you the eight riches of the world but if would definitely give you some mental peace. No work is small and love for what you do is the most necessary thing.

About Author / Additional Info:
I am a student pursuing journalism,and it is a pleasure for me to give a handy.