Monsoon season is a time when you have a lot of rain and so there is usually a chance if having your clothes getting soaked in the rain and getting damaged. There are some specific kinds of clothes that you will benefit from if you wear them. This article gives you a list of the kinds of clothes that you will benefit from if you wear them in monsoon.

Length of the cloth:

You should make sure that the length of the clothes that you wear should be short so that they do not get wet in the rain. The other reason for wearing shorter clothes is that if you wear them, then they will dry more quickly even if they get wet in the rain.

Kids clothes for monsoon:

Kids love different kinds of clothes and as a parent, you should make sure that you have the right kind of clothes for them. The kids should have some clothes that protect them from the chill weather that is associated with the monsoon. There are some clothes that kids will like no matter what as they love to be comfortable. So comfort is more important as far as children are concerned. There are many monsoon clothes shops that will have a regular supply of these monsoon clothes and they will be useful for you.

The footwear:

The footwear that you use in the monsoon should be something that is durable. The reason for this is that in monsoon, the footwear that you use is either made of leather or suede and these can get spoilt very easily. So you have to switch over to the other kinds of footwear like rubber ones that do not absorb the water. Open sandals are much better method of coping with the monsoon, rather than having shoes as they can get wet and it will take a long time to dry out.

Make up in monsoon:

If you have to wear make up in monsoon, then you should make sure that ou have to keep it really light. The reason for this is that if you have a heavy make up in the monsoon season, it is sure to get damaged even in a light rain and your face will look a mess. It is best to have your natural beauty showing during monsoon.

Women's clothes:

The clothes that women wear in monsoon should be very short, so that they do not get wet in the rain. As you wear a short dress, you should also remember that you would do better to wear clothes that are dark colored as they will be able to mask all the dirt that can get on to the clothes that you wear. There are various printed dresses that you can wear. These can be colorful and bright, but make sure that you never wear white in the monsoon..or you are asking for trouble!

These are some of the important things that you have to remember when you are planning to buy clothes for monsoon!

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