It is common knowledge that low cost flights are available if you are able to plan your trip well ahead of the journey. There are many people who are able to plan their journey as early as possible. This causes the person to be able to get the tickets at the lowest rate that is possible. In case the person has not been able to plan a trip or the person has to be on a sudden trip to another place, then the availability of the tickets a low cost will be eligible. This does not mean that the tickets are not available. They will be available at a high price, but there will also be a few low cost tickets available, but you have to search for them .You are going to learn how to get these low cost tickets.

The reason for the variation in the ticket prices is that the companies initially give out a lot of tickets to various travel agents and also the clients. This helps the plane to get filled up. As the number of people on the flight increases, the availability of the tickets becomes less. At this point, the airlines company starts hiking the price and when the date of the fight nears, the price reaches the peak. This is because the people who want to be on the flight at the last minute will be ready to pay even a lot of money as their need is much more than a person who has planned a trip well in advance.

There are some places that will have the tickets at very low cost even days before the flight. This may not be easily available, but the person has to search for them. Knowing where to expect these tickets and getting them will be the challenge. Here are some tips for you to know where to get the flight tickets at a low cost.

Travel agent: Many travel agents will not have exhausted their quota and may have a few tickets left. They will also know where to look for low cost tickers an so it will be easy for you if you contact a travel agent to get the tickets for you. Even after paying the fee for the travel agent, you will be able to get the flight ticket at a bargain.

Website of airline companies: The websites of the airline companies are the places where you will be able to get the tickets for a low cost. The reason for this is that the airlines would have left a few tickets for emergencies or for employees. When no one is interested, these tickets may be available and they will be given to you for a lesser price. This is another method of getting low priced tickets.

Search for empty flights: You can also search for empty flights by calling the various airline offices. Some of them might have some last minute cancellations and these seats might just be available for you at a lesser price.

Special categories: There are some special categories of people who will be given a discount in the flight charges. These categories include army men, senior citizens and other people. If you are in these categories, then you can avail of the discount too, to add to the benefits.

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