Sake is usually called as rice wine, but unlike wine, the alcohol in the sake is not fermented from sugar. Instead, the sake is actually made in a process where brewing of the sake is done. This is more like beer in the process in which it is manufactured. When the brewing is done, it is very dissimilar to wine since wine is made by fermentation. So actually calling sake as rice wine is a misnomer.

Another important factor about Sake is that it contains more alcoholic content than either wine or even beer. It is well known than the alcoholic content in wine is usually about 10 to 15 percent. Beer usually has about 5 to 10 percent of alcohol. Sake on the other hand, has a lot of alcohol in it which is more than 15 percent and near to 20 percent. This concentration is reduced by adding water. Once the sake is diluted, then it is bottled.

Sake is one of the drinks that originated from Japan. Japan is a place where different kinds of drinks were made. These alcoholic drinks were made from various kinds of materials like rice and other stuff. As time went by, people started using the sake for social occasions. This rapidly increased the popularity of Sake in Japan. Though Sake was very popular, there was a period during the wars, when the sake production and consumption decreased.

These days, Sake is not only popular in Japan, but it has become popular in all places over the world. This has made the number of places making the drink to crop up in even far off places. In fact there are many places in China and other parts of Asia where Sake is being made. Other than these areas, Sake is also being made in both north and South America and parts of Europe.

Sadly, in the land of the sake, where the brew initially originated, people have started consuming other drinks like beer and wine that the number of places where Sake is being made is on the decline in Japan.

The popularity of the sake means that there are millions of people who are fond of the drink. As sake is brewed, it needs to be tasted to know the quality of the sake. So who is needed to test the sake, but Sake tasters. Sake tasting is an important method of checking to find out which is the best sake.

Sake is mainly imported by some countries who do not have their own places for making the sake. In this situation, it is very important for the sake tasters to identify the right kind of sake to be imported. In fact the Sake that is made in each company may vary. To overcome this, the sake tasters are used to taste the different varieties and decide on the quality and other factors of the sake. This makes the role of sake tasters to be very important as far as the sake industry is concerned.

Since sake tasting involves a relaxed time with friends where one can drink a beverage that is alcoholic, sake tasting has become one of the well known pastimes and hobbies of recent times. It is not only a rewarding one in terms of monetary benefits, but it is also a fun filled hobby!

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