Are you a gamer who wants to take on your game to the next level? Do you particularly love air combat games in your gaming console? Do you want to actually experience how to fight in the air?

If your answer is yes to all of these three questions, then this article is for you.
Air Combat Adventures is one of the newest and coolest activity hobbies in the world. In this hobby, you get to pilot an actual air fighting plane and play with your friends in the air. You don't have to have a flying experience before or don't have a pilot license to be able to play this one. It is fun filled and very entertaining, an experience worth remembering for years to come. You never have to worry about anything else when you are doing this because you are safe because you have a pilot and an instructor.

Many people who are adventurous are taking this up in a big way. Just imagine you can do things by yourself that you have only watched on movies. This will be an amazing experience and one that you should not miss for the whole world!


The usual equipment will be a full flying suit and a helmet. The flying suit makes you feel like you're a real pilot, while the helmet serve to protect your head at all times. You will look like a fighter pilot when you don all the equipment and get on the plane! If you ever wanted to be a pilot, but missed out on the chance, then this is the time for you to get back on track. Though you may not be really fighting with the fighter, it is as close as it can ever get.


There are several aircrafts being used in doing this activity. Normally, the provider will specify the aircraft that will be used. Each aircraft will have some unique features. Some of the companies that have this activity have a range of aircraft, while some others may not have all the different kinds of aircraft, but you have to make do with what they have.

Most of the aircraft that are used in this activity are those that have done war duty or at least those that resemble them very closely. It is an exhilarating experience for you to be able to become a fighter pilot and start shooting and doing aerobatic activities!

How it Works

Upon going to the site, you and your group will be meeting your instructor and the whole crew who are managing the site. After the meeting, you will don your flight suit, review all flight equipment, and study cockpit safety. When it's done, there will be a flight briefing where you'll study aerial combat concepts, skills, and tactics. After studying them, it's time for the actual flight. All preflight safety checks will be done to ensure that no one will be harmed while doing this. Along with you will be a certified pilot instructor who will guide you throughout the course. While airborne, you'll fly in close formation with your competitors at speeds reaching 250mph, carrying a weapon system run through and "warm-up" manoeuvres to familiarize yourself with the aircraft. When everything's fine, the action begins.

A one-on-one battle against your opponent begins, with multiple engagements. The aircraft has dual controls; you fly the aircraft under the guidance of the Fighter Combat instructor.
Back at the squadron, the instructor will then re-create the mission for you and your competitors, using the multiple-view cockpit video, and the combat results, complete with what tactics you have learned that can be applied during the next mission.

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