In the history of soccer video games FIFA series is the most popular one. Every gamer knows about the FIFA series of soccer simulations. For Electronic Art Sports, soccer series FIFA 10 was a significant achievement last year. Now they are back with FIFA 11 and it holds a lot of surprise for the soccer game fans. You will get all the top players of soccer here and you can actually play with them online.


According to genre it is a soccer game which is clearly understandable by the name, soccer being so popular these days, this game is a hit.


FIFA 11 is developed by Electronic Art Sports. It is the new edition of FIFA series of soccer simulations.


You can play this game in your Play Station 3 or Xbox360.


FIFA 11 has already created a record of fast selling game. The internal company estimate says that the game has shattered all the earlier sales records during the first five days, selling 2.6 million copies in North America and Europe at retail. EA says that FIFA 11 is the top selling game till now.


Whoever played FIFA 10 knows about the game's primary things. You can play the game with your favorite soccer team. FIFA 11 is the ultimate version of soccer game. In this game you will have no complaint about any of the features. FIFA has always been presenting us the most realistic experience of soccer and FIFA 11 is the best they got for you. For the first time FIFA 10 had the 360 degree dribbling. It was a massive improvement above the typical 8 directions. This game contains a feature called Virtual Pro. This is a feature that lets you create the players of your dream. Not only that, you can put him on the team you like and watch him playing. In any of the modes of the game you can create your player.

In FIFA 11 you will get another feature called Personality Plus. Personality Plus means that your players will display genuine emotions on your field. It is like the players you like and know will look, shoot, run, dribble and response to bodily interactions genuinely as seen on the TV. What is the favorite part? Personality Plus in fact used for the famous soccer players. You will get all of your favorite soccer players here. Same treatment is not provided for the lesser-known players.

You will have almost all the privileges of the physical play in FIFA 11. It allows you more bumps, jostles and various side tackle. You can play any kind of role here. If you want you can play as a goalie. You can create custom anthem for the team you like but will need a little bit help of a portable device which is compatible with your Xbox 360 or play station 3. When they are imported in they can be assigned to various situations in the game (like when introduction of the team begins or when a player scores a goal). With so many exciting features FIFA 11 fulfill all the needs of soccer gamers.

Let's start playing FIFA 11
with your stars and with your favorite team. The game is a amazing creation and every person who is playing in this game will find each and every move to be very realistic.

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