A bad co worker is a person who can be very nasty to you in the office. A bad colleague in your office can not only make you feel depressed because of the various activities that the person does against you in the office, but there are times when the sufferer who has been going through this for a long time, either breaks out and has a war of words with the person causing the trouble, but there are also some others who are not able to take it anymore and they could take it out on themselves.

And, face it, whether you like it or not, you're in charge of your relationship with your colleague. Additionally, your colleague may have information that you need to succeed. Similarly, you may know all about this colleague and he can't do his job or accomplish his goals without your help, the earlier you deal with the problem with your colleague, the better. There are several ways of dealing with such people and some of these methods are listed in this article.

Win your colleagues' trust.

Tell the colleague when you've made an error or one of your activities has made a mistake. Cover-ups don't contribute to an effective relationship. Lies or efforts to mislead always result in further stress for you as you worry about getting "caught" or somehow slipping up in the consistency of your story. Communicate daily or weekly to build the relationship. Being open and owning up on mistakes that you did can help the other colleague to also do the same and will help you to build you relation into mutual trust and friendliness.

Talk to your colleague.

The simplest method of dealing with the situation is to make sure that you talk to the person and find out why the person is singling you out for the bad treatment. It just might be that the person has a hard corner for you! When you ask directly, many times the person realizes that they have made an impact on your lie and then after that they might stop creating problems for you. Talking in spite of the troubles created by the other person will create a good impression about you and end the bitterness.

Acknowledge your colleague's point of view, even if you disagree.

Always position yourself as an advocate, not an adversary. If your colleague says he or she needs something done, don't say, "That's impossible." Say, "I'm on it." Or that you will work together. If you were in your colleague's position, wouldn't you want someone telling you that they're on board and ready to help? And working hard doesn't mean you're sucking up or brown-nosing. (Well, it doesn't always mean that.)

These methods will help you to at least stay in a position of comfort. There are very few colleagues who will try to attack you even if you are friendly. If the person is still against you in activities, then it might be time for you to report this behavior to the higher authorities. This will help to stop the treatment that you are getting.

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