Every man will have a crush on a woman at some point in his life. There are very few men who do not have anything to do with women. There are many things that a woman will not like a man for. These should be known by every man to make sure that he is able to attract the women he likes. Many men think that it is enough if they know what women like in men and try to do it. Each and every man will also benefit from knowing what the women do not like and they will have a great time if they are able to avoid doing things that women do not like.

The various things that women do not like in men and those that should be avoided by the men are as follows:

1. Lying men:

Men who lie are detested by the women. No one likes to be told a lie and women are very particular in this fact. If they ever find out that a man has been lying to them, then the relationship is as good as over. The men who lie are made to suffer and pay the consequences as the relation usually ends.

2. Backbiting men:

The men who backbite are also detested by the women. There are very few men who backbite, but this can happen when the man and the woman are working in the same organization and there arises a situation where the man is pushed into a corner and starts backbiting about the women. There are also some men who are involved in a casual relation with the woman and start backbiting.

3. Men who are not faithful:

The men who are not faithful to the woman are also made to suffer by the woman. Men need to be very faithful to the women they have a relation with. The reason for this is that women look out warily in the initial stages of the relation to learn if they have made the right choice in the man they have selected. Once they realize that they have made the right choice, they like the man to be as faithful to them as they are to the man.

4. Bad breath / smell:

Women do not like bad breath and bad smell in the men and so the men would do better to have good cologne and a mouth freshener to use before they start dating a woman. This is very important because women can easily be put off by bad smell from the man. Men usually perspire a lot and this can cause them to have a smell that is not liked by the woman.

5. Poor personality / looks:

The looks and the personality of the men also play a major role for the selection and the continuation of a relationship between a man and a woman. Though this cannot be changed, it can be altered to an extent and a well groomed man would be the right choice for the woman to have a great relationship.

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