What Really Love Is???

As time passes by everything has been changed and so the definition of love. in this 21st century there are no Romeio-Juliet, Heer-Ranjha. now a days a latest trend of so called "love at first sight" started. How can we love a person at the first sight. Actually the word has been misused with the word attraction or likeness. We all heard that "dhai akshar prem ka" but hello!! It is not too short as it seems to be. It does not means to just have a relationship for only two and half week or month and after that a mutual breakup!!!

We all use the word love as granted just like the bollywood stars who on the one day seems with a person and on the very next day claims to have a relationship with another. and now this has been become a fashion. if a guy or a girl doesnt have any linkup he or she will be called as "bahenji" or an "item of 16th century". "true love" is missing in this era. we all heard the recent stories of- "A boy and his beloved killed their family and tried to ran away but been caught" , a guy raped a girl just because she said "no" to him.

I will ask you is this really love or just a madness. If I will say in my words- how can we forget an 18 years long relationship for only 8 months or a little one. in love we should learn to sacrifice not to take anothers life for your own selfish motive. It is not always true that the person whom we love must also feel the same for us. I love we will learn to forgive, sacrifice. be happy in anothers haapiness. I know thats all sounds very filmy or bookish but it is the truth. In the last I would just like to say-"dont change for someone until your hear gives you the permission for this". If someone loves you truely he or she will accept you as you are.

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