Given the high unemployment rates and many new graduates, there has become a dearth of appropriate job vacancies for the average individual, this now means that everyone must ensure that every aspect of their quest to attain work is done to the best of their abilities. CVs are what get you the interview, so finish them as perfect as they can be If you want to appear skilled then every element of your CV must be perfect, including your grammar, punctuation, spelling and expression. This will show to an employer that you can be a success in their business and you have high values. CV writing is a creative process and will take many hours to perfect. You will probably need many more hours of research before you actually start writing it, however, when you have a completed document that really showcases your skills you will realize that it has been worth it and will without doubt open up a lot more opportunities for you.

The Effectiveness of your CV

You can only really know how effective your CV is when looking at it in relation to the sector you are hoping to break into. There are things that you can do to target your CV exclusively to your chosen industry and you need to mention all of the attributes needed for working in your particular role. For a CV to perform for you it should not be all-purpose but must completely highlight all of the relevant skills that each job requires, this will make you a success. If you decide to target another industry then your CV would need to be rather different and I would suggest re-writing the whole thing. A good idea is to write up to 3 different CVs if you want to apply for three slightly different jobs. This will ensure that you are specific each time and use previous experience in a way that will demonstrate your skills as a applicant. They basically have most of the same information but it is written in a completely different way and some skills were emphasized for a distinct role. This really targets your CV and makes all of your experience and training as relevant as it can be.

A nice idea would be to look at the company's website if they have one.

· What is their mission statement?

· What kind of people do they employ?

· Would you work well in their environment?

· Do you have the required skills and experience?

· Are you able to talk about the business?

· Does what they do inspire you?

One recommendation is that you look at the job ad and try to think about what they expect from an employee. Of course it is essential that you do not lie or fabricate experience just to make it fit in with what they are looking for as this is dishonest practice and will soon be found out by an employer if they call you for interview. It is best to be 100% honest regarding your experience and skills, however, this tactic of checking a job ad for what they are looking for will make you think about skills that you did not consider were important, but you know you can do. It may also act as a springboard for you to pick out other qualities that you possess that would be useful in that role.

You should not copy and paste the job requirements into your CV either in an effort to be the most suitable candidate, this will become glaringly obvious to an employer and make you seem lazy and like a liar. If you find it difficult to express yourself in a different way and are trying to say the same thing, you could try a good thesaurus to make your sentences 'active' and full of buzzwords. You could also encourage friends or family to read it and offer you their truthful opinions on how it can be improved. Having lots of feedback here will be of great benefit to you as you can see what ideas and methods will work. Try to be subjective about your CV and not take suggestions and remarks personally. See it as a example of work that you have to analyze and try to be as picky and negative as possible as this will only be to your advantage in the long run. Omitting as many weak points as you can at this stage will ensure that your probability of gaining an interview have improved substantially. Be analytical with yourself to be good to yourself.

When asking friends or relations to study over your CV, get them to answer a few questions that will assist you to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your CV better.

· In what respects is this CV different to others that you have seen?

· How would you make it stand out from hundreds of others?

· List the good and bad points of my CV?

· What impression does my template create?

· How relevant is it to my chosen industry?

As an employer sometimes has to leaf through up to 300 CVs for one position, it is crucial that you try to stand out surrounded by this stiff competition. Write sentences that are alive and active and continually demonstrate your ability for the job as much as possible. Illustrate that you are competent, enthusiastic and passionate about their company and would be an invaluable asset to their team.If the tone of your CV sounds as though you are bored and don't really have any self- belief, it will be extremely challenging for the reader to picture you in the role. Don't supply them with reasons to doubt your passion or sincerity, make them realize that you are a special candidate that they must hire before someone else does.

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