Though western outfit is dominating the fashion industry, salwar-kameez still has its appeal among the women of the sub continent. In Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, women use this outfit as both party wears and casual wears. It will make you look really gorgeous and graceful, if you have got the fashion sense of wearing this dress. Salwar kameez is generally available in a three piece set including kameez (top), salwar (pant) and dopatta (scarf). Its style varies depending on the occasion and place where you are going to wear it.

For casual wear you should choose light threaded embroidery which will make you feel comfortable. But you can experiment with the cuts according to the present trend. One can get various kinds of designer necklines, fashionable sleeves or simply sleeveless style. Halter neck, spaghetti straps, backless or deep necks and curved cuts are some of the stylish designs that have attracted every woman. At present there is a lot of experiment is going on the 'salwar cut' as well.

Various designs and styles, such as Patiala, Semi-Patiala, Afghani, Bell bottom, Churidar etc are available. You just have to pick the style that suits you, that's all. Now days, the salwar also put up with embroidery with spiral design to make it look more fashionable. You can also wear the salwar kameez as a two piece set, but a dopatta makes the whole piece more elegant. If your kameez contain heavy embroidery then choose a plain dopatta with light or no design at all. With a plain kameez it is preferred to have designed dopatta with laces or embroidery depending on your choice. There are different types of readymade dopattas available in the market. Choose one which matches with your other two pieces and design it, to make it look really stylish.

For party wear choose something gorgeous, colorful and fashionable. It must be different from your random wear, so choose the fabric, design and color accordingly. For example, if you are planning to go for a dinner or a wedding, select a dark colored salwar kameez with ribbon embroidery, metal work, oxidized gold work or sequence work. This will make your piece eligible for the parties or weddings. Silk, chiffon, crepe, these fabrics are more suitable of party wears. For casual wears choose the comfortable one, like cotton, georgette etc. If you find it too difficult, there are so many boutique shops ready to help you choose the best design. All you need to have a little fashion sense.

Do not forget to add up matching jewelries and sandal with your outfit. It will certainly augment your stylishness. Go for light jewelry with heavily embroidered suits and vice versa because that makes a perfect balance.

Some people think that salwar kameez is a conservative outfit and wearing it makes you less stylish. This is such a wrong conception. Now, many modern girls wear salwar-kameez in such a fashionable way that even Westerners are getting attracted by this dress. Be trendy; be smart -choose the right style of salwar kameez for the upcoming occasion.

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