You just found out that your boyfriend who claims he loves you so much and that it is only you he loves cheating on you with other girls, what should you do? Cheating is very common among men, especially the younger ones and so every woman should know what to do about it.

A cheating boyfriend should not be tolerated at all as a cheating boyfriend poses a lot of danger to you. It is either he stops cheating or you leave him. Cheating boyfriends are a threat to you health (physically and emotionally) and your life as well.

A cheating boyfriend is likely to contract sexually transmitted diseases, especially when he keeps changing his "mistresses". Unfortunately, he puts you also at risk. Sexually transmitted diseases are difficult and expensive to cure, if curable at all. This poses a great danger to your health and so if you discover your boyfriend is cheating on your and it does not look like he will stop, just leave him.

The emotional trauma is even more deadly than the sexually transmitted diseases. So long as you are hooked to a cheating boyfriend, your heart will never be at peace. You will have a broken heart and this might affect your psychological health. You can get a mental problem. Unfortunately, these kind of ailments take a long time and dedication to heal and so when you discover that he is cheating on you, it is best to walk out of the relationship.

Men who cheat on their girlfriends are known to be violent and abusive. They put up this behavior as a defense against anybody who will accuse them of wrong doing. A boyfriend who cheats can beat you up or even try to kill you for confronting him about it. They can also beat you up without any provocation of any sort, just because they know you are aware of their unfaithful deeds. To preserve your life, it is better to quit a relationship in which the other party is unfaithful.

When your boyfriend starts to cheat on you, it is a clear indication that he is in love with someone else and not you anymore. A relationship in which love is coming from only one party is not worth staying in and so it will be best for you to quit. If you continue your relationship, you will only get frustrated as you will feel your efforts to love him are not appreciated, since he does not return your love. Just bow out humbly to save yourself all the frustration.

Staying in a relationship with an unfaithful boyfriend does not benefit your life in anyway, it only brings you pain and suffering. Some women will say that the boyfriend will change his mind and love her back, but that rarely happens; men do not change much. You will have to try to do all you can to make him stay faithful but that can be very frustrating.

It is now time to say no to an unfaithful boyfriend.

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