Environment pollution has become a curse for the globe in this millennium. We are continuously damaging the environment around us which is not really good for our next generation. Day by day the forests are reducing. Excessive presence of carbon in the air is causing global warming. We should know how the environment around us is getting polluted and what every individual can do to save the environment.

This is the golden era of science and technology and with the help of science and technology we are making our regular lifestyle more comfortable. We cut trees needlessly. In an open space we build hundred of floors but we never plant a single tree. In the traffic jam no one stops their car engine and blows their horn needlessly. As a result the smoke comes out from our car causing air pollution and the noise we are creating by blowing our car horns is causing sound pollution.

We are very comfortable with polybags rather than recyclable bags. We never think what is going to happen with the polybag that we have just thrown away. If we throw the polybags here and there, it will cause soil pollution. Am I throwing my wastes in the right part of dustbin? We often throw our wastes on the water bodies which causes water pollution. Now we also face radioactive pollution. It can be caused by any kind of mishap in the nuclear plant. Often they dispose the nuclear waste improperly. Different kinds of birth defects and cancer are caused by radioactive pollution.

To secure a healthy environment for us and for the generation next, every individual has to be conscious about the environmental pollution. We must understand that we really do not want to be the cause of environmental pollution. So, we have to make a slight change on our regular habit. We have to plant more and more trees. This can be done very easily and nowadays everyone knows that tree is the best friend of mankind. They are the natural sources of oxygen. Not only that, a tree takes carbon dioxide out of the air to make its food by the photosynthesis method. We have to stop cutting down trees and plant more of them instead.

Now comes the turn of water pollution. On a daily basis a lot of human activities like dumping waste, cleaning or washing noticeably contribute to water pollution. So, we should not dump any chemical products or plastic cans or plastic bags in the water. We should use soap and detergent which is made of various kinds of harmful chemicals and can make water more polluted. These are the most common causes that we notice here and there everyday.

Everyday we damage the environment in many ways. We should stop our car engine when we are waiting in a traffic jam and should not blow the horns, if not necessary. We should use recyclable bags. Everyone should use eco-friendly products. Industrial wastes should be disposed of properly.

At last every individual have to be conscious to stop environment pollution. This is the time to start thinking. Try not to cut trees and always keep your city clean. Every individual should make a pledge that they will try to save the environment than try to damage it. This will make the world a better place for all of us to live in.

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