Girls are very emotional most of the times. They are in a different wavelength and the men are in a different wavelength. There are many instances where this variation between the male and the female can cause a lot of heartache. Many a time, the male walks off from the woman in protest against the emotional trauma because men are not really accustomed to the emotions of women. At the same time, the male also takes a lot of impulsive decisions and will fret later for those decisions.

If you are a girl who has broken up with your boyfriend, or if your boyfriend broke up with you, but would like to get boyfriend back, then you should follow some of the methods that are listed in this article. Though it is comparatively easier to get boyfriend back than it is for a boy to get his girlfriend back, the girl has to plan her course of action well so that the boyfriend does not start going after another girl.

1. Leave your boyfriend alone initially: You should not call your boyfriend r try to meet him for at least a week. Though you may feel miserable that you are not able to meet him, you should make no attempt to contact him. The reason for this is that he will also be feeling miserable and will try to get to talk to you. The more you delay talking to him, he will get more impatient to talk to you and this will make the getting back process, that much more sweet.

2. Send him a note: Once the initial waiting period is over, many of the boyfriends will call and you will get your boyfriend back. If your boyfriend does not call you, then you go to the next step and that is to send him a note. The note should say that you would like to meet him. Do not talk about any niceties or make him feel that you are trying to get him back. If you give away any clues, then he will try to act as if he never missed you. When you send the note to meet him, arrange for a lonely place for the meeting!

3. The meeting:
This is the final step that will help you get boyfriend back. In your meeting, again try to compose yourself and just start off by saying that you wanted to know how he was and what he was doing. Just make him think that you were just meeting him socially. If he was also missing you as much as you were missing him, then he will surely let a clue out and once he gives inkling to the fact that he missed you, then you start gushing out all your love for him. This is sure to make him start telling about how much he missed you. One thing will lead on to another and before you know it, you would have got your boyfriend back.

Remember it is one thing to get back your boyfriend and is quite another matter in retaining him. If you start off with the same trouble that you had before the break, then your relationship will be heading to another break up and split. You have to make sure that you have a give and take policy in your relationship.

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