Writing is a very great habit. There are many people who write as a hobby and there are also professional writers who live on their income that they get by writing. Very few people have the ability to write without being distracted by any thing that happens around them. The reason for this is that the distractions can affect the concentration of any person and this causes them to be unable to write.

As humans, all of us are prone to various distractions in our writing. This article gives a list of things that will cause distraction to the writers and make them to lose their time that they could have better spent in writing. As all of us know, there are some physical requirements for a writer and these are the peace, calm and tranquility which will help the writer to concentrate. This is rarely available in the fast paced life of today. Other than these physical issues and the environment in which the writer is writing there can also be other barriers to the writing by the person and these are all listed in this article.

Day job:

The day job is an important reason for the distraction and the barrier to a writer. There are many who are full time writers and these people may not consider this to be a barrier. Any amateur writer who has a full time or a part time day job will find it very difficult to write along with the regular full time job done. This makes the day job to be one of the primary reasons for the writing to be hindered.


The family responsibilities and the commitments are the next commonest reasons for the people to have as a barrier for their writing. The children need their parents to spend time with them and this can cause the writer to have very less time to write. Similarly, the spouse also expects some time to be spent with them. All these factors add up and make the writer to lose a lot of time. Though family responsibilities are very important and a writer should make sure that they are able to spend enough time with the family, adequate care should be taken to ensure that the family life and the professional writing life are separated.

Busy schedule:

The busy schedule of a writer may also interfere with the actual process of writing that is done. As a writer, the person has to read up on a lot of matters. Other than the reading, the person also has to make sure that they research about any topic that they are going to write about. All these activities take up a lot of the time of the writer. This can cause the writer to have a packed busy schedule leading to decrease in the time spent for the writing.

All these factors should be taken into consideration when the writer commits to complete a particular writing within a particular deadline so that the writer can write without stress.

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