What are the essential duties of parents towards their children? /not ground report
The relation ship between parents and children is similar to that of the sun and its rays. Both are incomplete without the other.

The whole history of man testifies the fact that God blesses those people who love and respect their parents. The moral obligation of parents and children alike stems from the fact that, all right authority comes from God. Whether it is parent or a civil ruler, their authority is God's own authority, which He was chosen to share with then. Obedience given to them in their lawful capacity is obedience given to God.

On the other hand it is the duty of those who have an obligation, as agents and partners God, to be faithful to the trust that God has placed in them and that they will have to render an account of his God.

What are the essential duties of parents towards their children? Some are the obvious ones of physical care: to provide food, clothing, housing, medical care and proper education as needed. Then there is the responsibility of raising a child to be a good citizen. He should be a self-supporting, useful, well-informed, intelligent and patriotic individual.

Besides physical, civic and intellectual needs, there is also the spiritual need that has to be fulfilled in a child. He should be taught about God, especially about His goodness, love and care and the obedience we owe to God. As the child begins to talk, he will learn to pray long before he goes to school. As the child grows, the parents will guide in his choice of companions, his reading and his recreation. They would like care not to be too interesting and suspicious, but always leading the children by good counsel and loving care. All this is no easy task. But fortunately, God gives good parents the wisdom they need for the job.

On the other hand, all of us have certain duties towards our parents. If they are not near us, then our duties are quiets simple. We just have to remember them and their sacrifice in our prayers so that they are at peace. If our parents are with us, then our duties will vary according to our age status and upon their and status.

Friends form an integral part of our life. Without friends our life would be dull, burning and uninteresting. We confide to our friends. We like to argue wit them but our love towards them is undeniable.

How do we show sensitivity towards our friends?
When we argue we try to reconcile. Often this hand of friendship is extended just because we miss our friends.

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