In shoes marketplace, passion often goes through the practice. In spite of that more funds is mixed up in producing the shoes, the existing furnish conincides with the need.

Timberland speaks for itself that the significance of its marketplace is observable. Nonetheless, the company is more transpicuous in that the products should not only fascinate the customers but also the retailers. The trade name is the principal rank in America which is characteristic of absolute American. It was founded in 1918, at the start it majored in making shoes. Because of taking possession of anther small shoes workplace, the company enlarge its dimensions in a large point. As time goes by ten years, the company becomes the critical role in the shoes market in America. The upper and the bottom of the shoes that were united without wires became the earliest exemplar in the shoe history. Later this sort of draft signs the valid signification of waterproof shoes entirely. In 1973, the company had the brand name changed. From 1978 to 1979, the company began to make shoes which were used for outside activities and navigations, the products grew to be diversified. On entering into 1980s, the company steadily proved to be the world-rank name. Little by little, it starts the career of making products which have close ties with the shoes, like sportswear and sports backpacks. At present, the company spreads all over the world.

Timberland implants the innovative visions and eyesight in the production and management. No matter it is about the clothes, the shoes or the socks, the trait of the product remains to be the most worthy part that is kept in people's minds. We human beings wear shoes for daily protection and glamour, so we cares about the colors and the sorts of the shoes, if the color is dark and the sort is old, we may be uncomfortable to wear it in the street, on the contrary, we prefer to wear the conspicuous one wherever we go. In addition, people can be affected by the pioneering essence in the western areas from this kind of shoes. Much more people are in great eager of being the owner of this variety of shoes. Even if it is a world brand, the company is prior to taking the comfort and toughness into account. However, the outstanding corporate culture is essential for the hit of the company, it is not the only element, the triumph is attached to the prospective leader for the most part. The mission of the chief is to strengthen the operation of the company. They make the company facing the way in which is imbued with life power and life breath. The company is sure of acquiring more and more consumers to buy their products and being the eternal essence of the shoes market.

According to the service of the continuous development of attribute, Timberland makes the renewal plan. The company makes radical breaks, in order to fixed its competence. For human resource management, the company supplies quite a lot of training courses for the employees' self-improvement. For the production, the company has drawn a five year strategy which aims to being the chief verge in the shoes market. In the procedures, the company makes the details more specific. Currently, the preliminary reaction of the consuming market is positive and delightful.

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