Some of the worst "side effects" of civilization has been the change in the climate of the earth and we are currently losing a lot of land to the sea due to the rising temperatures. The change in the climate has brought about the increases in the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and this has increased the temperature of the atmosphere. This means that the icecaps have melted and a lot more liquid water is in the oceans and this means a lot more land is being lost to the sea. There is only one cause of this destruction and the main cause of this is man. No one thinks of the future of the generations to come when he is cutting trees or releasing harmful gas into the atmosphere. It seems that all everyone is thinking of himself and the welfare of his family, nothing about the welfare of the people who surround him. Nature has fought back and some of the worst natural calamities are being witnessed in this century. Droughts are drier and floods are wetter. Before things get worse it is important that the human race thinks about reversing the harm it has done on the earth and maintain the balance that was there before civilization. Some of the drastic measures that have to be done to reduce the effects of climate change include the following.

Reuse and recycle... Our dependence on plastic bags is legendary as there has never been a time in history where man depends on plastic bags more than today. For those who have seen the effects of plastic bags, you know that these are materials we cannot do without and because they are not biodegradable, we need to recycle them over and over and over again. This is the best way to keep up with the demand for plastic bags and maintain the cleanliness of the environment. Some plastic bags can be reused and anything that cannot be reused has to be recycled. This is of the best ways of preserving mother earth. You can still recycle regular paper so that school kids can have something to write on. Instead of burning paper, you can recycle them and save the trees that may have been felled for pulp. The loss of trees and forestlands to create farmland and for the making of lumber and other tree products is what has caused a lot of natural calamities in the earth. Trees act as windbreakers and help a lot during floods. They participate in bringing rainfall and add to the beauty of the planet and if we fell all trees, the world would be one boring place. Trees need to be replanted and forest land reclaimed for the good of the planet. Some of the materials that need to be reused and recycled include glass, especially since this is something that does not degrade naturally.

We need to protect the endangered species of the earth since if they disappear, we will disappear too. There is a saying to the effect that if the bees disappear from the earth, you should know that the end is high. The protection of the natural habitats of wild animals will go a long way to protecting the habitat of human beings as well. Some of the species that are fast disappearing from the earth include the polar bear and the big cats, which are jostling for living space with human beings. Human wildlife conflict has become something we are getting used to and this is fast reducing the number of certain endangered species. There are some animals which have disappeared from the planet, thanks to the activities of human beings.

We need to make sure we use energy that is friendly to the planet; energy that does not release harmful gas into the environment. This will call for immense scarifies but this is what we have to do for the world. This means that we have to turn to the earth and use its resources to get energy. Hydroelectricity, solar energy, wind energy and geothermal power are some of the energy sources that are friendly to the planet. Finally, it is important to educate the rest of the world on the importance of protecting the earth for the sake of the people who are not yet born.

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