These days, wardrobe malfunction is a common occurrence. There are many actresses who dare and bare all at some point in their life. This seems to be deliberate in most of the occasions. There are many reasons for the actresses to do this. Some of the common reasons are listed here.

1. Free publicity:

This is one of the main reasons for the person to get this done. Many of the actors and the actresses who are involved in the acting profession will feel the need to have a lot of publicity, but the publicity that they seek does not come cheap. They will have to participate in various shows and also give a lot of interviews to get a decent amount of publicity. On the other hand, all this publicity is got by the person in a single moment when they seem to have a wardrobe malfunction.

2. Moment in the limelight:

There are many actresses who may have tried their best to get their name high up in the list of best actresses. They may have tried many methods and in spite of the talent, the lady luck may not have smiled on them and this is one of the reasons for these malfunctions too. The minute the person is able to have a wardrobe malfunction, she gets on the top of the gossip magazine headlines. This is one of the best things that can happen because she will start getting some offers where the movie may not be great, but it will go on in the theatres for a few months on the reputation of the actress. This moment in the limelight is one of the main reasons for the people to get their wardrobe to malfunction intentionally.

How is it that we know that their wardrobe malfunctions intentionally? There are many reason for this to be identified. These actresses will have a track record of having their malfunction happening once in a while. They also do not mind exposing themselves in public. These people are the ones who usually have these kind of 'problems'. This is one of the main reasons that will help one to identify that what has been done has happened intentionally.

The other method that will help one to identify the intentional exposure is that the exposure us usually in a place that has a lot of people present. This is also a place where the media is present in full strength. This is the situation that any actress who wants maximum publicity will revel in. In such a situation, the woman will have her wardrobe to malfunction. Why does it not happen in a situation where there is no media present and also in situations where there is not a lot of audience? The reason is because of the fact that the woman wants to have the maximum number of people watching the mishap and the maximum number of people talking about the occurrence.

Whatever said and done, the actresses are going to be the same forever. They are not going to change the way they make their wardrobe to malfunction. So, the next time you see or hear of an actress exposing herself by accident, you will know better.

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