My First two week Experience:

• Cost of Living DO's and Don'ts

Transportation: Singapore government provide excellent Public transport facility via roads and train.
o Available transport mediums are Taxi , Bus, train
o Taxi ( there are two types of taxi - Old type Toyota models will starts from SG $ 2.80, new Taxis starts SG $3.00 and high end like Benz, Audi etc will starting price will be SG $5.00
o Peck hours such as 8.00 AM - 9.30 AM and 5.00 PM to 9.00 PM - additional surcharge will be add in your bill (flat 35%)
o Night after 12PM (50% surcharge will be added in your taxi bill)
o Bus and train (MRT) will be the best and cheapest transport ( for using this you need buy eZlink card which is available in any MRT
o Suggestion : always try to use Bus or MRT for save money
o If you are foreign worker, you need to show your Passport copy to buy prepaid sim card in Singapore
o Happy 100 Hr (SG $18) will be the best choice for STAR HUB Provider (Local and International calls)
o If you want to dial from Singapore mobile number to India then use 018-91-xxxxxxx , adding 018 will be take the charge as local charges
o If you want to talk to india long hours then buy calling card (SG $10 ) worth from STARHUB and you can talk 10 hours. - best choice.

o Please try to find some friend / known people who is working in Singapore to get the accommodation.
o Three type of accommodations are available (JDC, HDB, Private Property such condos and bungalows )
o If you are bachelor then try to join with people who is already staying in HDB (if you want single room such as common room or master bed room then you need to pay approach SG $ 750 - 1000 dependent on the places
o If you are family man and wants to move the family to SG then be in SG some time then find some JDC apartment from the SG Government contracts.

o North Indian food stalls will be available in all the business parks which are cheaper and affordable to save money here.
o South indian food stalls will be costlier then north indian food stalls.

* Hotel:
there is lot of low cost hotels available here please check

* Air ticket:
Tiger, AirIndia both will be low cast compare to other providers. please book in advance to save money

AirIndia allows only 20 KG per person , excess weight will be charged by IA people rs550 per kg

South Indian Spot
* Little India is the best place to buy south indian goods or family related items
* do not go to little India during sundays (it will be crowded everywhere)

Arivuvel Ramu

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