Las Vegas does not have any sandy sea beach or green forest. It does not have a wildlife to explore or adventurous mountain. But what Las Vegas has cannot be found anywhere else. It's a city of life and color. It is probably the only city in the world where daytime is too ordinary in comparing to the colorful nights.

You have to decide what you want most in a vacation: Adventure or fun? If your want the later one then, there is nothing better than Las Vegas. And the adventure is not totally missing. I mean rolling the dice to test your luck in the crowded casinos in Las Vegas is not the same as eating a pizza in your living room.

Fun places

The row of world's biggest casinos, unlimited buffets and never ending drinks - what more do you want more in a vacation. In Las Vegas you don't need to keep the track of time. There is no watch in the casinos and you do not need to have one with you. And why do you need to known the time? Sleep in the day and enjoy all night. Most places in Las Vegas are opened for all nights for giving you ultimate fun.

It is difficult to find a place in Las Vegas without a bar. They serve the world's best drinks and service. And these bars here are not only for drinking and they always have something more to offer the customers whether its music or art, pool or live performance of showgirls. Most of the diners have buffets where you will get great testing foods from almost every country in the world.

The city is full of night clubs and not just ordinary clubs; they can give you the best exciting experience you can have from any night clubs. Finding a strip club in Las Vegas is easier than finding anything else. And you can get it 24/7.

Las Vegas has some of the world's largest casinos including Caesars, Mirage, MGM and Bellagio. Millions of square feet have been used for the large tables for playing the rolls and dice. There is no other place in the world where you can gamble like you can do in Vegas.

If you think Las Vegas has no sense of art, you are so mistaken. Let me tell you that this city has some of the best museums in America including Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art and Liberace Museum. Places like the Brenden Palms Casio and Regal Village Square will give you ultimate movie experience and for music, you must visit the Brendan's Irish Pub, Sand Dollar Blues Lounge and The Joint. Numerous live performing shows are available in all over the city.

If you are in Vegas, you must gamble, you should take a visit to the Strip, you must enjoy the drinks and foods and you must go to the art galleries. What you must not do is bringing all the tension of your life with you when you enter the sin city. Just make sure that you buy your return tickets before entering the casinos.

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