It is very difficult to find a world traveler who does not wish to visit Barcelona at least for once in his life time. Whether it is the world famous Spanish art or the Mediterranean environment, Barcelona is a must go place for every tourist. If you want to spend your next vacation in this classic city, it can be said without any doubt that you won't regret it.

Art and Architecture

For a fun filled holiday in Barcelona, you have a lot of things to do and lot of places to go. The city is packed with traditional architectural constructions. It is very easy to find the artistic skill of the Spaniard from these creations. You will see magnificent casa, cathedrals, monastery and churches in all over the city.

In Barcelona, you will see a lot of buildings which are designed with the Gothic style from the past two centuries. Although this is common some of the European countries, in Spain, it is little different as the designers include some strange ideas in their design. In addition to that, it has little influence of Muslim architecture like the rest of Spain.

Spain is one of the most important places for art and paintings and many world famous artists worked here, making the country rich with couture and creation. You can see that in Barcelona. There are about forty large and medium museums and galleries in the city along with many small ones. You can spend months in these museums watching the world class paintings and arts.

Cosmopolitan Appearance

Being one of the major ports in Europe, Barcelona has become a gathering of all nations. Sailors from every corner of the world are coming in this city, spend some times and leave for the next destination, taking the city in their heart. But they make Barcelona colorful. Day or night - the life of Barcelona never gets tired.

Because of its metropolitan appearance, Barcelona has a large collection of food. It is one of the grand places for testing sea foods as well as traditional European dishes. And if you are a big fan of drinks, you will get plenty of it in Barcelona. You will find bars here and there and they have world's best drinks; directly bought from other European countries as well as other relevant countries. The bars in Barcelona are not only a place for drinking; instead, they are more of a gathering place for the fans of World Champion Spanish football team.

Another great advantage for being a port is you can find almost anything you ask for here in Barcelona. From traditional Spanish fabric based clothes to the latest designer fashion accessories: everything is available in Barcelona. Merchandisers from everywhere around the world come here to show their production skill and sell products.

Mediterranean coast line and sky touching mountains: Barcelona has everything a tourist can ask for. You may think about spending some quiet time here, but it is very difficult to avoid the exciting nature of the city where you have thousands of things to experience.

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