Playing games is one of the favorite past time for people of all ages. Everyday same old activities make people bored. After long and tiring working hours, the gamers' first choice is an adventurous action game with passionate characters along with their extreme combat moves. These kinds of games are played with the intention of brutal satisfaction. If you are a person who likes such video games with a convincing story and unbelievably nice locations Enslaved, Odyssey of the West is the perfect choice for you. With the thrilling experience of its chase scenes, boss fights and puzzles you would not realize how the time passed away. Fasten your seat belts, sit tight and let's go for a ride of the latest fantasy of action gamers. You are going to enjoy the game for sure.


Ninja Theory and Sony teamed up with each other in 2007. After so many exciting games, their latest release is Enslaved: Odyssey to the West .The game took place in the imaginary world which is ruined by a brutal war. So, you will get a situation in what looks like everything is damaged. Buildings still standing with nothing but a skeleton look, most of the buildings are ready for scrap. Swimming pools with nice looking water but you cannot touch it because it is mixed up with various harmful chemicals and acids. There is no sign of life near you. So, with no one to help you are on your own here and have to survive at any cost. If you are not able to think fast or smart, the slavers will finish you in any time.

In this game you will get two characters who have got paired up by fate. And, the characters are Tripp which is a female character and Monkey who is a male character. Tripp is a very selfish character. By the slavers or the enemies Trip's village was raided and ruined. In the mean time she finds herself in a spaceship heading to an unknown future. Tripp has some technical knowledge and in the shuttle she tries to escape and that sets off an explosion. As a result the entire ship crashes into earth. After the crash Tripp meets Monkey who was also in the ship with her. Now you should know that Monkey is the character you can play with. Trip realizes Monkey's raw strength and attaches a diadem to his body.

The diadem is attached when the Monkey was unconscious. When he wakes up, Tripp informs him that he is her slave and he has to obey every single order given by Tripp otherwise he will experience extreme pain. On the other hand, if Monkey stays far enough from Tripp her heart stops beating and if Tripp dies he will also die as well. So they start their journey together. You take control of Monkey and Tripp will also accompany you.


Enslaved, Odyssey to the West is a PS3 and XB360 game which means you need to have a PS3 or Xbox 360 to play this game.

If you are a game lover and have a SP3 or XBOX, then go and buy this teen game and make your free time full of excitement and amazing game play. This is a must play game for every gamer!

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