The sun is the cause of the most common causes of skin damage. The sun is ever present in some parts of the world. It is very difficult for the sun to be avoided as one has to go out and the sun can cause damage to the skin at this time. The important factor is to make sure that one is not exposed to the sun for a long time. Though the person may be able to be exposed to the sun for a short time and still escape injury to the skin, if the exposure is for a longer period of time, then there is a risk of major injury to the skin.

There are some common injuries to the skin that are caused by the exposure to the sun and these are listed here.

1. Sunburn:

This is the commonest injury to the skin that can occur when the sun's rays fall on the skin for a long time. The overexposure leads to problems like pain and the skin also peels off. There could also be the presence of blisters and swelling in the skin. The person may also have systemic problem and so should immediately consult the physician if there is any other problems like nausea, fever or dizziness. Though the sun burn can occur for a short time, the exposure to the sun can be so severe that it can lead to skin cancer over a period of time.

2. Suntan:

Here there is damage to the skin and there is a large amount of melanin produced. The epidermis layer of the skin is usually damaged here. Though many people try to get the tan on their skin by exposing themselves to the sun, they do not know that is is dangerous and could cause skin cancer of the skin is exposed to the ultra violet rays of the sun, which can lead to skin cancer.

3. Photo ageing:

This is the condition in which the skin becomes older than what it should be for a particular age. There are various signs that cause this problem including the formation of wrinkles. The skin also has various patches that are rough. The person seems to be older than the actual age of the person.

4. Wrinkles:

We would have noticed that all people do not have wrinkles formed in their face. Some people seem to have more wrinkles than others, though they are of the same age. The reason for the increased amount of wrinkles is the fact that the person has been exposed a lot more to the skin. The exposure to the sun causes damage to the skin leading to ageing of the skin.

5. Sun allergy:

There are some who may become allergic because of the exposure to the sun. The results are that the person may seem to have some kind of allergic reaction on the skin and there will be itching and rashes on the skin. Reducing the exposure to the sun will prevent and heal this kind of allergies.

6. Skin cancer can form due to the various problems that have been mentioned above. Repeated exposure to the sun could lead to these problems that can finally result in skin cancer.

Reducing exposure to the sun will prevent all these problems and make the person reduce the risk of skin problems.

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