Creating a professional portfolio is a very important activity that will help in the career of the person. The reason for this is that only when the career portfolio is created will the person be able to have a great chance of applying for another job and also getting it. Many people think that a resume is more than enough, but the creation of a portfolio is very important for the person to be able to get a good job.

There are various things that have to be documented in the portfolio for the person to be able to have an effective portfolio. The various things that need to be documented in the portfolio are as follows:

1. Formal education documentation:

The formal education of the individual has to be listed in the portfolio first. The formal education that has been completed is very important because it tells of the qualification of the person. This qualification is the primary thing that has to be noted in the portfolio and is the one that is sought after by recruiters. Only if the information in this part of the portfolio is adequate will the recruiter look at the other parts of the portfolio.

2. Continuing education documentation:

The continuing education of the individual is also an important aspect of the portfolio, though it is not as important as the formal education. The continuing education part of the portfolio tells of the various training programs that the person has undergone after the initial formal education.

3. Performance documentation:

The documentation of the performance of the person in various activities is another important part of the portfolio. There are many people who would have had various training programs or they could have been good performers in their previous job. This forms the part of the performance portfolio. The portfolio should contain this part because it talks of the activity and also the skill level of the person. There are various companies that look at the skill sets and also the previous performance of the individual in the work that he or she was doing previously. This is what is meant by the performance of th individual.

4. Community service documentation:

There are certain companies that also look at the community service documentation. This is mainly looked at by the non profit organizations and companies that are taking people on board for their corporate responsibility work that needs to be done. This is not really needed for all the other companies that do not work in such areas.

5. Other activities documentation:

There are various other kinds of documentation that may also be necessary for the person to add to the portfolio. This can vary from one company to another where the person is applying for the job.

The portfolio is a very important document that has documented details of all the activities that were done by the person as part of the career. This is also a plus for the employers because they will be able to find all the relevant details of the person in these portfolios.

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