Are you crazy about NBA? Have you owned a piece of NBA jerseys? You must be very enjoyable with your ideal basketball jersey. As we should know that the NBA jerseys can be prolong life if we elaborately maintain it in correct way. Maintenance of basketball jerseys should follow the next tips.

1. Clean NBA jersey time to time

If your jersey is dirty, there are three methods you can choose to wash it. You wash your jersey by washing machine, dry-clean or by hand. Of course, dry-cleaning is the safest way, the clerk in the dry-cleaning store is professional, so they know how to protect your jersey well. But dry-cleaning is often too expensive, if you wash your usually, it is not cost-efficient. Washing by hands is much safe than washing machine, you can knead your jersey tenderly to get rid of dirt and sweat with some harmonious washing liquid. Remember do not put your jersey in a over-hot condition to dry after you washing it with water, that will definitely kill your jersey. Only keep your jersey clean, can its life be prolonged.

2. Put back NBA jersey in original bag and box if you do not wear it

If you do not wear the jersey often, after the first step, you should iron your jersey and hang it with clothes rack to keep it neat and smooth. When you wear it next time, it may look like a new one. You should remember to put your jersey at dry place and keep it away from the mouse.

3. You should have more than 2 piece of NBA jerseys to alternate
The key point to keep your shoes durable is that you should alternate your jerseys often. That is to say alternate jerseys in 2-3 days. You shouldn't always wear one favorite jersey, you need to prepare at least two pieces for alternation. There is a date that alternated jerseys could take at least 4 months longer wearing.

4. Repair your NBA jerseys timely.
We may meet time to time the problem that there is a hole on the jersey. At this time, are you going to throw it away? If it costs you much money, especially an NO. You should not do that. Take your jersey to a repairing workshop, it is easy to cover the hole with the same or similar material, and the jersey is still the same. Do not waste your money.

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