When we say men are from mars and women are from Venus, we mean to say that we are different from each other just as much as we are the same. Because of our differences in thinking and even in genetic makeup, men seek different things from women in relationship. It helps to know what a man wants if you are a woman and what your woman wants if you are a man.

Being in a relationship means giving out as much as you want and hence taking care of each others' need. Always get into a relationship with an open mind; not being too rigid when it comes to giving out and too open to receive from your woman. Women want different things from men but our undoing is the fact that more often than not we expect our partners to know what we want and we sulk when we don't get what we want. Getting what we want is as simple as staking in black and white what exactly we want, and not using figurative language. Women take some time to decide the man of their dreams from a list of candidates. They may want a tall-handsome-executive kind of man but the one who treats them well tops the list of the man any woman will want for a long term relationship. To make your woman happy, here are some of the things she expects from you.

First, your woman wants to be happy, she wants you to pay attention to what she says when she says it and she wants you to empathize with her when she is in pain. Women are excellent communicators and will pick upon your nonverbal answers so be very careful as she will know when you are talking at her as opposed to talking to her. Do not interrupt her when she talks and pay attention to her, making sure you have maintained eye contact when talking.

Appreciate her dressing and sense of style, even if you think she could use a wardrobe overhaul. She needs the appreciation from the man in her life especially when you are in the company of other people. Having a protective arm around her waist or shoulders in the presence of the other people will increase your intimacy. Prove to her that you love her everyday especially if you are married. Once, a relationship psychologist said that whatever you did to get your wife you need to do to keep her. Always date her even after you are married, and remind her how much you love her. Bring her flowers and call her during one of those bland Thursdays that you have nothing to do. Always give her a peck on the cheek before you leave for work. Once in a while your woman will appreciate a vacation trip for just the two of you. Women love displays of affection, whether or not it is in public. Hold her hand when you are walking together and hug her everyday, as she needs to feel desired and loved by you all the time.

Women need some security with the men in their relationship. They need to see that you can be relied upon and that you are a man worthy of having a long term relationship with. On that note, if you want to cancel a date, tell her before it happens. If you are going to be late, call her and tell her. Be punctual and be as honest with her as possible. If you are having dinner at her place, be polite and congratulate her for the meal she has slaved to prepare for you. Complement her décor skills too.

Never ever lie to a woman; or you will lose her trust forever. Do not justify dishonesty as protecting her from the truth. Women do not appreciate being lied to and she will forgive your brutal honesty before she even thinks of forgiving your lies. Do not lie to her about keeping time or even the smallest of things. Last but not least, women want a man who can make them laugh and feel like women all the days of their lives. Feel free to crack a joke every now and then, if she loves you she will laugh at each one of them.

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