Relationships are all about compromise and giving to the other person just as much as you would want in the relationship. Men are simpler compared to women and do not have a lot of those nonverbal communication that women have. They are easier to understand too and for you to get the best of your boyfriend or husband you have to know what he expects from you and these are some of the things.

Men want to be loved. As much as this is a surprise to many people, men have egos but want to be loved just as much as women want to be loved. They want to feel needed and appreciated by the women in their lives. This is the main reason men will run away from the "independent woman" type since they need to feel needed in the relationship as well. They do love their independence and do not want to feel stifled, so do not be all over your man all the time, you want to give him some alone time. This means that you may have to leave him some space if you are always calling him or sending him text messages. On the other hand, if you have not been doing this, you may have to increase them. Do not be cold towards him, always listen to what he has to say and maintain eye contact when they are talking to you. Men want to be assured of your love for them so do not forget to get cozy with each other everyday and at least give him a kiss when he goes to work.

Men want something to look at... This means you have to be attractive to your better half. Married couples drift apart because they let marriage get to them. While people may watch what they eat when they are courting, they may not do that in marriage and this reduced the chemistry in the marriage. You cannot underestimate some things, especially if you work from home. You can do all the crazy beauty treatments when he is away but do not open the door to him in the evening with some exfoliating cream on your face or a different color of slipper on each foot. Always dress impressively and this also means you have to keep in shape and never let your guard down with the dresses and clothes you wear.

The man in your life will do anything for you if he can trust you. This means you have to win his trust. If you are always putting him on the edge in an effort to make him feel jealous, you will earn yourself a distrusting man and this will not be good. He has to be the only man in the relationship and he will not appreciate sharing you with someone else, not even your boss or the platonic male friend you have always had since you were in high school. If you trust him, you need him to trust you and you have to make an effort towards this end.

The man in the relationship wants to be the only one wearing the pants. This means you have to be the lady in the relationship... not the tomboy. Men expect their women to be ladies so you have to step this up if you have not been doing so. This means that you have to lay aside your beer binges and pick up a glass of wine. If you are fan of flats you may want to learn how to walk on some stilettos and wear some earrings. Do not belch and always learn how to say excuse me. You have to have good values and discipline for a man to love you and see you as a prospective future mother of his children. Men want women who are good with his boys, not so cold. Some women do not appreciate their men's friends which is not positive especially since this could get you to know your man better. You may not be able to hang out with them as he prefers his space but you can be friendly to them for the sake of your man. Always be understanding to your man and boost his ego even when his jokes are not funny.

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