Sex is a term very much in the air. We are all basically animals , but refined ourselves to behave in a cultured way. There is no fixed way for us to live. In the following , an trying to share some views about sex and the way people see it.

Sex is a term very much discussed . If you read newspapers , every day some news is there about , rape, molesting , and in movies also sex is given more importance , as it does attract more viewership.

Basically sex is meant for reproduction . But in the present decade, it is more used as a marketing tool for various products. First thing , why should we have children immediately after marriage ?
This is the opinion of many of the couples getting married today. So they try to look for avoiding pregnancy ; We can see here that they do not try to avoid sex, but avoid the outcome of sex viz pregnancy.

Here again the precaution is taken either by male with condom or by female with pills or both take preventive measures.

Now the basis for the reason for this article. Rape is a fallout of the men not able to get the right woman and satisfy himself sexually in the right way. What is the way out for him ?
Some use vibrators or simulators ( manual or otherwise) to satisfy themselves. We have heard of robots replacing hiumans and satisfying people. But whether they are able to give the full satisfaction , as given by the humans ? This is a question , not having any single answer.

NOW coming to the alternative for satisfying a human in terms of sexual actions.

Basically sex is all about touch.
During sex, the partners touch each other freely . Their lips and tongue touch. They embrace each other and touch each other with their full body. Then during intercourse the male and female private parts feel and touch each other. Of course , the movement involved in touch, viz the speed and angle varies and it makes the persons feel the pleasure.

Now the basic actions of greetings in different parts of the world are linked to touching. Warm touching of our hands saying namaste . Or shaking hand with the other person . These are basically culturally differently allowable means of touch , based on the place of occurrence.

Now the author wants to emphasise that if the mind can be trained about touch and the implications of different types of touch , It can go a long way in sensitising people about feelings and their control in respect of sex.This will in turn help in eradicating or reducing occurrences of molest, rape etc.

Of course , it may be noticed that the above untoward incidents are happening among learned people also and not restricted to illiterates . SO an awareness about these aspects of sex viz basis of touch can help people understand themselves and also it can help both male and female partners in avoiding conflicts among themselves also.

Also another angle of looking at avoiding or diverting from sex thoughts is by meditation, exercising etc. Some people relax themselves by music etc , either playing themselves some music instruments , or singing or simply by listening to music of their choice , get themselves diverted .

Basically since sex involves two people, and both have to be inclined toward it to get full satisfaction or pleasure , having alternative form of getting pleasure may help couples lead a happier life.

Hope this discussion helps in more awareness among people to understand their sexual feelings and help them all lead a happier life.

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