There ought to be another angle to this issue, which we must address. As we really love dogs, we prefer not to behave as cruel dog owners. Let us not treat a friend like an object to play with any more. Unbelievable it may seem, but even dogs are believed to have their own mind. They have been separated from the mothers by us at the age of six to eight weeks. We have brought home a friend of ours and now we need to treat him like we would treat a friend.

Dogs are known to be the progeny of wolves having a strong bond with the humans. We must match their level of love and attachment. Dogs are known to be fiercely loyal, but only to one person. However, he demonstrates varying levels of attachment towards other members of the family as well. The onus is on us to treat this friend as an equal member of our family. This can assist in eradicating an important cause of what is known to us as barking.

Dog's bark is scary for some of us. Nevertheless, this is one of the many ways they use for communication. There are less obvious ways used by the dogs for communication. Faint sounds and fleeting facial expressions are some other ways through which they try to speak to us. We only need to be attentive and sensitive. If we can successfully catch these subtle signs, we can act in response to them.

Dogs are undoubtedly intelligent species, though a bit complex in nature. They are likely to have certain needs that include food, attention and proper exercise. Understanding their emotions are very important instead of simply overlooking them. We can actually prevent our friend from barking by understanding his feelings figuring out if he is unwell or is just bored for some reason.

You definitely want to bring up the puppy as a member of your family. Therefore, these advices provided in the dog training websites and books must be ignored. You should stop commanding your dog and expecting him to act as a robot. Spend some time with your dog and talk to him frequently. Your dog must not be underrated. He can understand most things that is not exactly of literary content. If only he was able to speak, he could have raised many eyebrows.

Let us recollect the principles of face reading and body language and apply them to dogs. In real time, your friend is actually giving you countless signals that you must understand. Take time to observe his face, especially the eyes, and the body. If your soul reaches out to his, your instinct will take care of the rest. You definitely will understand his basic needs, desires and, above all, his love.

Your puppy needs to be treated as a child and you must do everything that a responsible parent would do. Don't ever think of giving a silencer to your friend. You would probably need a loudspeaker to listen to what these canines have to speak in their own unspoken language.

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