'What's next?' It is a question which keeps popping up inside a 11th/12th grader's mind. This phase in life is a crucial one where one stands on the crossroads of his or her career. Back days, parents, teachers and relatives were the ones who decided which career option befits or otherwise for a child.

Earlier, society was more stereotyped and parents forced their children to opt for conventional courses like Engineering, MBBS, and MBA, and more, believing in the exiting notion that such courses will guarantee their child a good job with a decent salary.

But today the scenario has altered 360 degrees. Career options available are galore. One can become a writer if he/she has a flair for writing, and can earn a handsomely, thanks to innumerable sites ready to flesh out cash to good content writers in exchange of beautifully woven sentences. This new development is not only heartening but a definite confidence booster for the entire milieu who want to opt for an alternative career option.

Add to that, one can even take part in various talent hunt shows telecasted on different private channels. To name a few, 'Indian Idol' and 'Fame Gurukul' , 'Sa Re Ga Ma Pa' and 'Dance India Dance' have certainly provided a strong platform for some of the very talented youngsters to showcase their talent. Reality stars Rahul Vaiya, Abhijit Sawant & Mehandi Hasan are some of the confident and fortunate singers who dared to tread the less trodden-path, swam against the tide and finally emerged winners. Today, they have not only become a household name but have carved a niche for themselves by working with some of the most eminent musicians that country has ever produced.

So, the time is ripe for all those risk-takers and believers to delve deep into their hearts, realize their inherent skills, polish them, think out of the box , do something different , and be an and a trend setter for the future generations.

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