Udaipur situated in the southern part of Rajasthan state which is also known as the Venice of the East. The city has a number of beautiful lakes. It is also known as a lake city. The city is well connected by air, rail and road from all parts of India. If any person wants to visit the city, they can fly to Jaipur and reach Udaipur from there. Many of the tourists who visit Udaipur first visit Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan.

The city was built by the king Maharana Pratap in the 15th century. The places of interest are (1) Lake palace (2) city palace (3) lake Fatehsagar (4) Puppet museum and
(5) Jagdish temple


It is one of the beautiful sprawling lakes in Udaipur. The palace built in the middle of the lake has been converted as a luxurious hotel at present. Maharana Jagat Singh II built the palace in the year 1746. The palace is set in the backdrop of the majestic Aravalli Mountains on one side. The lake is one of the major interests of the place and the scenic beauty of the place because of the lake is amazing.


Situated close to the lake Pichola, the palace was built on a hill top with a panoramic view of the city. The entry point to the palace is through a gigantic gate known as 'Great gate'. The palace consists of several parts such as Amar vilas (uppermost court),Great palace(garden palace), Chinese art place(with Chinese ornamental tiles), Durbar hall, Peacock square(consisting of peacock models with colour glass), museum, sheesh mahal(Palace of mirrors). The various parts of the palace and the amazing sights of the interior of the palace have left many of the visiting tourists to be stunned by the beauty. There are very few palaces in the world that have been built with such grandeur.


Boat cruise on the sprawling lake is quite refreshing. Nehru Park is located on the banks of the lake. Any person who visits the city should try to go out on the cruise as it is one of the major highlights of the city.


Puppet shows are part and parcel of the culture in the city. Large numbers of tourists attend these shows, which go on with several shows daily. The colorful dresses, jewelry of the puppets and the craftsmen who perform the shows attract even adults, not to mention the young ones.


Maharani Jag Singh built this temple in 1951. It is situated within the city, north of the entrance of the city palace. Elephants flank the steep steps to the temple.

UDAIPUR is frequented by large number of foreign tourists who stay in some of the expensive hotels in town. Large number of budget as well as star hotels is available here. We can have a taste of Rajasthan culture by visiting the city. So if you are planning on a visit to Rajasthan, then Jaipur as well as Udaipur should be part of your plan. A visit to these cities make your travel more refreshing from the regular routine travel.

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