External storage devices are providing many benefits for individuals and companies. We can make a back up of data for the prevention of our data from being lost which is important for the company. Secondly companies can move their data to other locations or systems and use them according to their needs. We can save our data in this way securely. You can place these devices in a safe place like locker or anywhere else where your data is more secure.

We can share the data with others or borrow files from other places. It is also useful for saving of your computers' hard drive data. Everyone should have at least one external storage device for the transferring of data from one place to another. We will have a look at some of the external storage devices here.

Save online:

We can store our data online to satisfy the storage needs of the user. The user can set up their own domain name and from there they can download their files or upload the files according to their needs, as they wish. Some other mail services are also supporting the storage for the users that is an alternate way for you to store your data online. Though online storage is providing a great facility for the users of the computer, at the same time it has a problem and it is that you cannot download the files or upload the files when there is no facility for the internet. So it's a major drawback of online storage.

External hard drives

External hard drives are also available in the market. These Hard drives offer the most space for storage and are most secure than the others. You can place the external hard disk after copying your secure data in it at any secure place. However these external hard drives are very costly. And there is another problem which is to carry the external hard disk with you while traveling from one place to another.

Memory cards

These days memory cards are also providing the source of storage. We can store the data on a SD memory card as they have great advantages of being highly portable and compatible with a very large range of devices. These devices are not costly enough to buy. These devices are portable and you can store a SD memory card in your pocket or wallet. SD cards are available with MP3 players, Phones, PDAs or cameras. SD cards are available in market with up to 32GB of storage space.

Flash drives

Flash drives are also available in the market. These flash drives support up to 25 GB of storage. These flash drives are portable and reliable. You can save these flash drives in your pocket bag or any other place where you want to keep. Your data is more secure in these drives, but you cannot use the flash drives with the other devices like mobile phone, Mp3 player etc. These Flash drives are not very expensive and we can afford these devices easily. Mostly students are using these Flash drives for transferring their data from one computer to another. However many professionals are also using these Flash drives.

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