We all come to this world as guests striving hard to find success in every ways and everybody wishes the same nobody likes failures but this never happens to anybody in the world. Success and failure is the main role of ones life. The world seems to always echo with a arouse chorus of voices, the result of spoil relationships between parents and their children, husband and wives, siblings, friends, in-laws, employees and colleagues - individuals disappoint with themselves for not being able to relate successfully to their environs.

How to keep relationships good:
Don't try too hard to persuade the other person of your love. Trust yourself more. This will increase your love and enable you to give yourself totally to relationship.

- Don't point out the other person's love all the time.
- Feel the loneliness of the world.
- Don't use your relationships for one way help.
- Never cheat the person you love and always try to help in need.
- True love shows how life can be enjoyed.

One of life's greatest success is to grow and let your seeds grow. Nothing in life is more peace than watching your children develop. More so you have to encourage, educate and guide them towards a life most applicable to them. There is no doubt, millions of parents do it. Some with a lot of struggles, efforts, and some without a thought never guide and later feels. When they attains old age. But children should care parents in the same way. Then only they too gets the real love from their children. That is the true relationships.

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