Trivandrum is the capital city of Kerala. There are many places of interest for a tourist as far as Trivandrum is concerned. The place has been renamed as Thiruvanandhapuram. If you are planning to visit Kerala that is commonly known as God's own country, then this is the place that acts as a gateway. You will be able to fly to Trivandrum or you can reach the city by train from any other major cities in India.

Kerala is a must visit state for any tourist who may visit India from another country. The reason for this is that the land is beautiful not only because of the greenery, but also because of the amazing backwaters and the lush fields that are present here. Kerala is also home to some of the biggest rubber plantations and other crops.

Trivandrum itself is on hilly terrain and is said to be present over 7 hills. The architecture in the city is stunning because it is a blend of Indian as well as English buildings. Kerala is very famous for the wooden structures. Some of the very well known hot spots for tourists are the various museums in the city along with the zoo. The temples that are present in the city are also famous because of the architecture.

Things that can make an impact on you on a trip to Trivandrum are as follows.

The canoe ride to Kovalam through the backwaters will be a very relaxing and refreshing ride. Though Kovalam is only 16 kilometers from Trivandrum, you can try the canoe ride because it is much more relaxing than the drive to the beach resort. Every person who visits Trivandrum should visit Kovalam that has one of the best and most beautiful beaches in India.

The dam in Aruvikkara is another well known destination for tourists. The reason is that there is a stream here where the Durga temple is located. The fish in the stream is so used to humans and their feeding them that they get very close to the humans.

The Napier Museum is a place that not only is one, but also feels like a museum. The museum itself is said to have a natural system of cooling the building. It has various rare artifacts. Some of these include idols made in bronze and also various ornaments used by the various early rulers of the land.

Every person who visits the museum should also visit the Chithra art gallery that is present just adjacent to the Napier museum. This has different paintings of various eras and so is a priceless collection that will be appreciated a lot by any art lover.

The Vizhinjam rock cut caves, the Zoo and other famous buildings are places where tourists love to go when on a visit to Trivandrum. The Veli and Akkulam tourist villages that are present in the land is also well known for their attraction to tourists. These are all must visit places for any person who is on a visit to Trivandrum.

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