It was nice rainy day when we started from Delhi for Jim Corbett Park after crossing few kilometers say 70-80 we find better to switch off car air conditioner as the it is cold waves outside and temperature was low as mercury dropped due to rains. Being very well known to route for Jim Corbett as this was my 4 visit to Corbett Park this time I drove through Greenfield on way to enjoy real village and farms for a few kilometers we had our breakfast at Gajroulla as usual. Then we started for Corbett Park and reached their by Lunch.

This time I was pretty much excited about resort I booked in Jim Corbett as my travel agent convinced me for that resort ( as soon as I reached their it was the best resort I ever stayed lunch was very tasty then after sometime they they took us for guided nature walk with a naturalist (a local guy from nearby village of Jim Corbett Park) as we started to described us the flora and faun of Jim Corbett National Park, just 50 meters ahead we saw spotted deer I managed to click even as we were moving in jungle a single noise may leaf due to air activates all senses then we crossed a dry river now this is the real jungle every where we heard some trumpet the guide advised us to keep quite 0 level absolute silent he also advised in case we see elephants don't panic also if they charge don't run as an elephant can easily catch us sometimes later we managed to see an elephant. We took some photographs and as advised by guide we silently moved back. On return they offer us lime water that made us even relaxed. afterwards we enjoyed snacks at resort and then they organized light music in the evening time followed by dinner we really enjoyed every second.

Next morning we started for open jeep safari to explore something we never expected in Corbett or I never seen in last 3 visits. On start every thing was as usual as I have experienced in my last visits but while returning towards entrance gate for exit we saw something beyond our imagination no guess off course it a TIGER with very big face long tale and very sharp long teeth. We got very excited but guide advised to keep quite as the King may not like this and walkaway. Though we cant take any photos as the KING did not liked our presence and moved away in long grass we tried a lot to catch in our camera but cant make it though the 60 seconds were like 6 hours and I can still remember every gesture of King. We returned resort had our b'fast and enjoyed recreation at resort after lunch we moved out for some local sightseeing of Corbett Park such as Dhangarhi Museum Jhulapul Garjiya Temple and Corbett Fall, all were beautiful because of rains the water is torrential and experience was amazing. We returned by evening, again resort treated us as king we had snacks and dinner. Next day we checked out with very very beautiful memories.

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