Does colonial charm with a bright blue sea is all that the city of Brazil, El Salvador, Northeast has to offer, is not needed any more reason to attract visitors? It is a city vibrant, cultural and aesthetic, with a famous Celebration Carnival every year, the exciting music scene, and a population of very kind Brazilians proudly call home. In many ways, Salvador is a perfect example of the legacy of Brazil and the hospitality and a highly recommended addition to all South America vacation packages.

As a visitor for the first time, you can be captivated by the sunny climate and the rainbow of elegant buildings lining the streets. The city has a unique way of combining the modern with the old, often with excellent results. At some point, however, most of them are at the top of the cliff Cidade Alta, containing the old city centre. This is the area with most prominent architectures of the city, historical sites, restaurants, bars, shops and other tourist services that cater to travelers from around the world. Although quite tourist atmosphere still gives an air of prestige and fun making Cidade Alta worthwhile stop on any visit to Salvador.

The second most popular destination in the city are its beaches. The beaches of the country not to be missed in any package of Brazil holidays, and Salvador more than meet your needs. The beaches of the city as Porto bar are perfectly fine, but if you want the best, take a short bus ride (or, more conveniently, rent a car) to the North coast of the sand color really impressive and crystal clear waters and sparkling waves. JAGUARIBE, Piatã Itapoá are local favorite salon points, while foreigners tend to congregate in the Flamengo and Stella Maris. Be sure to see their belongings carefully as in any busy beach, thefts and robberies may be possible.

Almost as an extension of el Salvador due to its popularity, the people of the island of São Paulo Morro is a great place for hiking characterized by their accessible only by boat or plane. There are some points of view beautiful that to see a sunrise or sunset. In general, it is only a nice place to escape from the bustle of Salvador.

Finally, after a long day wandering through the streets or taking rays, enjoy a pleasant Bahia meal. Bahianos dishes are considered as some of the best in Brazil, in particular because of the inclusion of sea products. Food on the street is also popular among the residents, but if you prefer food more familiar, a series of Western and international restaurants are available also.

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