Travel... Yes the word itself has a hidden magnificence which tends to bring enormous smiles on our face.. Yippee... Going on a tour... The synonym of travel.. Be it a sojourn or an errand, every kind of detouring from the daily hustle and bustle, or a vacation for our workaholic life definitely becomes the sole reason for the immense happiness, evident on our faces. The glistening and bright colours of smile get manifested with the inquisitiveness and the desire to quench the thirst of discovering the unknown. As we all are mortal, and the world is pretty large for us to excavate, even a small journey, which relaxes us or sways us out from schedules seem to be the boon. The word "travel" gets an implication in various manners. A middle class family would try to safeguard their expenses at the behest of happiness, while a rich magnate would dispense sacks of money trying to extract the best of the merriment, and a poor underprivileged person, or people hailing from the lower rung of the ladder still haven't viewed the face of "travel", for their financial instability and social mobility, yet dream about it. Thus the crux of the matter is that some people dream of travel, while others just travel.

In a generalised sense, when we think of travel, a few things are sought in mind. Be it the baggages, or the toiletries, or the monetary expenses or the itineraries. But the most important is the entrepreneurship. If this is well devised, the entire trip runs smoothly without any friction. The entrepreneur's pivotal role is of managing, creating, fixing, and fabricate the tour with all its might, it's programmes and their ultimate upbringing and procreation. Yes, all the things sought in mind are very crucial as they must be organised properly in the right order. An unplanned, rugged, unorganised, hasty, and abrupt plan could bring no gaiety but only lay before one the plates of imbroglio and disparity. Wile some do negate this view, but this is proven true most of the time. We all accept that "exceptions are there" but we accept the majority view in fear of isolation and undergo acquiescence. On a deep thought, entrepreneurship is a pretty difficult turgid job. One needs to chalk ample mobile time to ingrain everything in a travel. Busy schedules, creeping tension, work pressures, overburdening issues all seem to be the resistive factors. But then, on overcoming these, forcibly or with ease, one can create a great "itinerary". Yes, this is the golden word for travel planning. If this is well shaped and compact, then happiness coordinates with the travel and gets juxtaposed with our tears of joy.

Once the itinerary is created, we then must take a close look on the baggages. We must remember something that no matter wherever you go in the world, people have similar needs as you have. So the daily needs and requirements are bound to be available in most of the places of the world, inhabited by human race. That could reduce the pains of carrying huge massive grotesque backpacks, or bags, resulting in spondylitis or even joint pains. Better not provide a red carpet to pains, but reduce the belongings. Some people have a habit of carrying unnecessary things with them, just for gratification. But then, if that's not indispensable, why pull the burden? Enjoy the travel. Moreover, others are of the view that travel is a joint venture. On the other bank, some poise that travel can be an individual venture too, not mandated to be a joint one. If an individual feels that he/she can relish, cherish the sweetness, the chivalry and reverence of the world alone, self dependent or independent, then what's the necessity of the word "joint"? However, great debates are sworn, but highly knowledgeable people are also outnumbered or outweighed with the confusions and vexations implied.

Coming to a simpler sense, when we travel, let's say for instance outside our native land, we must pay heed to certain factors ranging from culture, values, traditions, festivals, occasions, structure and overall scenarios. Our world being a diverse piece of planet, has a variety of the above mentioned traits embellished. On migrating to a foreign alien land, we must do a detail study of their values, cultures, traditions, languages, habits which would not only enrich our knowledge but also help us to embalm their attributes closely and with affection. Violation to such a small norm could result in infliction with an infirmity called "culture shock" or in non-condemning stage "social shock", where we would feel marooned, desolate or unaccepted by the greater mass. Positive, we accept that english is a worldwide accepted mode of communication, crisp and sharp, easy and reciprocating, but then there is no gratis harm knowing their local languages. In that way you get a three fold advantage. You enrich and sharpen your knowledge, get quixotic about their characteristics and at the same time, you are seen with. Great deal of respect and honour in the eyes of the people of so and so countries. We get to jinx and get associated easily with no coalition, learn to be portmanteau with them. There lies the latent beauty of Mother Earth.

The trip may get over, having kept in mind the entrepreneurship, the good deal of our knowledge, the revising and sharpness of the inner self and also, the golden cherry sugar gloated memories which would be painted in our hearts, the blood of jolliness, cheerfulness and extravagance flowing through the innocuous arteries of our life, and then the smothering and salacious thoughts of visiting once more, once more, almost like a boxer pummelling another! The days wither away, dreams surpass, and we will be buried, our obituaries will be created, blood will splatter, the horrendous happenings and upheavals will come and go away, but "beauty", "serenity" and "quiescence" will ever-last, ever-last and ever-last. Yes, it was, is and will be alive. Totally sustainable and transient, ever-flowing. The untold wants, needs, plans, and ideas all will speak for itself, spurt out their underlying glory one day, expelling the voluptuous desire of returning to the happier past, or to travel to the futuristic happiness, almost similar to the fretful vociferous cries of a baby desperately demanding something whole day..

About Author / Additional Info:
I am an aspiring film director and a writer of my emotional intro-retrospection.