Ghana has many attractive tourist destinations. Ghana is a relatively small country in West Africa, sharing boundaries with La Cote D'ivior on the west, Togo on the east and Burkina Faso on the north. There are a little over 22 million people living in Ghana, majority of who are famers, cultivating crops, animals and fish. People in Ghana are from different ethnic groups and cultures.


The cultural activities of the various ethnic groups attract tourists to Ghana. Ghanaian festivals are special occasions during which the rich culture of the celebrating ethnic group is showcased. During most of these festivals, traditional food is prepared and served, traditional clothes are worn. Traditional music and dances are also performed during such occasions. The interesting thing about these festivals is that, each has a story behind its celebration.


Ghana is bounded on the north by the Atlantic Ocean, giving the southern part very beautiful beaches. Some of these beaches are developed into resorts, hotels and places where people can relax. The cool breeze that greets you at the beach alone is enough to make you forget about your problems. Ghanaian beaches are lined with coconut trees. Adventurous tourists may want to go swimming or diving in the see. Traditional food is served at most of the beaches. Some also offer cultural displays. You can visit the Bojo Beach, where one of the largest rivers in Ghana (River Densu) enters the sea and take a boat ride or the Labadi Beach, where you can sit on one of the beautiful rocks, among others.


The forts and castles were the housing units for the European traders and colonial masters of Ghana. These forts stand as tourist destinations where visitors can learn the histories behind them. The Usher and the James Town forts are located in the capital Accra and close to the beach. The Christiansburg Castle, which was the main seat of the colonial government, is being used as offices and residential Accommodation for the government of Ghana. The Cape Coast Castle, which was the main slave market during the slave trade, has remained the most visited site in Ghana. People from all walks of life come to this place to see the evils of the slave trade.


Ghana has a number of rich natural parks and gardens. The Aburi Botanical Garden is the single largest of these. It has a range of wild trees and plants and is proud to host the oldest tree in West Africa. The Mole National Park, the Bia Tawny Reservation and the Bui National Park all has a rich reservation of wild plants and animals. The Kakum National Park also has a naturally occurring canopy walkway in addition to the wildlife reserve.


Ghana has a number of mountainous ranges. The Akuapim Range is a long stretch of peaks, located in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The highest mountain in Ghana, Mountain Afadjato and Mountain Gemi are both heights in Ghana. There are also a number of waterfalls in the mountainous areas.

Anytime you feel like taking a holiday, and visit Ghana you should visit these amazing sites.

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