Using the right onboard camcorder on track day can be a challenge when you want to document your experience. Trying to explain your exhilarating track day experience in words is not the same as capturing it on a 1080p HD camera. Words cannot describe an epic car or motorcycle duel against an exotic opponent on the track.

Showing the legendary street bike performance stunt, the everlasting move pulled on the track to edge your opponent in that final lap, or your crazy driving skills in desert sand - without paying for it. Record your own videos and experiences for FREE! Can you imagine showing off your smooth laps and keen driving skills?

Difficulty with capturing video footage from street bike, sport bike, cruiser, motorcycle, motorbike, car, or truck is a thing of the past. No more taping the family camcorder to your handle bars and producing blurry vibration videos with poor sound quality.

The bulky family camcorder can stay put in the closet. Now film your track days with a small compact Newelectronx HD 1080p Camcorder. The motocross vids on YouTube show how clear and crisp the videos on this 1080p HD camcorder look. Professionals, everyday people, and kids have used the included mounting pack to place the body of the professional camera to their skateboards, bikes, helmet, or dancing board. You can pretty much film in any condition.

Just imagine playing back that special moment when you overtook the other car on the track. Can you feel what your friends would say as you show them how fast you were traveling through that specific hard section of the speedway? I personally used the Newelectronx Onboard Camcorder to show other drivers the changes on the track. The layout and race conditions can be felt as if they were there themselves; riding in the passenger seat having first hand experience in what I felt.

The possibilities are now endless: show footage to family and friends. Share the track secrets with fellow drivers or racers. Improve your personal driving time and enhance your skills. Analyze where you lost time and where you can make it up on any track you have raced on or in. Learn race tracks quicker than ever and store a visual GPS guide in your brain for when you race on that track again. Store those treasured memories of the day you won forever!

Let's switch gears and imagine, if you will, the need to have a great quality camera to capture video and sound. A camcorder that works well in low light with night vision to film exotic dancers slick moves. It would have to have a display screen and the ability to transfer the footage to a computer or show directly on a HDTV with an HDMI cable. Adding videos to youtube or the ability to add video footage to the internet for fans would be a plus. The camcorder I am describing will be used to video dance instructional videos and capture dancers performances. It would have to be something relatively easy to use for the not so tech savvy dancing professional.

Such a device does exist in the Newelectronx HD 1080p Camcorder. Yes, it is the same onboard camera that is described to capture track days. Technology has allowed us to take a still small portable onboard camera and use it as an high end lens. Using this gorgeous depth 1080p HD resolution, makes videos that rival the look of big budget films. That is correct, now you can film high quality footage on a tight budget.

The biggest advantage of the Newelectronx HD 1080p onbaord camcorder is that it highlights the crucial parts of a dance routine and helps to draw the viewers attention in. Achieve a cinematic look without breaking the bank! It is very small and compact, so no need to lug around a huge piece of equipment.

Easy to use right out of the box. Films extreme sports with no learning curve, just press the record button and have fun!

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