Toyota Innova is the new model of Toyota Kirloskar Motors, that is quite nice looking.
The famous company, Toyota Kirloskar Motors, for cars added a new model in its list of outstanding master pieces by launching Toyota Innova on June 3, 2010. Kirloskar group and Toyota Motors combined to make their joint production of creating a new name in the market of the car's industry. The new company was Toyota Kirloskar Motor. They started to manufacture the cars in the local industries established in India. Now, this company has become the one of the largest companies of cars and its ranking is 7 in the market of cars. The name Toyota Kirloskar Motors is also well known as the brand of excellence just like many others car companies.

The company started their work with a mission that they will play an outstanding role in the automotive industry of India. They aimed to create numerous opportunities for employment, not only for dealers but also in the ancillary industries.

Expansion plans

This company has one of the biggest plants manufacturing cars in two different locations of Bangalore and Karnataka. The total capacity of these two plants is about 80,000 cars per year. The company invested almost 32 billion rupees to build these two plants. These two plants now also are manufacturing the Etios and other models. The company has a plan to take the development number from 80,000 to 200,000 cars per year as the demand of their products is also increasing.

The price of the car

The company has declared the price of Toyota Innova is 11, 96,723 Indian rupees. There are different models available in this category. So the price factor changes per model depending upon the type.

Now we'll discuss the different models of this brand.

Toyota Innova 2.0 G1 Petrol 8-seater is an excellent model of Toyota Innova. As per its name, the model is available in petrol. The car is a 8 seater. There are different features like Trip Computer, Power ORV, Air bags, Central Locking and Rear Air con.
Toyota Innova 2.0 G4 Petrol 8-seater is another model of the company. This is also a petrol car with 8 seats. This car has different features like the Driver Seat can be adjusted to different heights.

Toyota Innova 2.0 V Petrol 8-seater is also car of 8 seats runs with petrol. This model has high demand because it has features those others have not. The company has equipped this car with Alloy Wheels, Rear view of Mirror, the information display id multi functional, Fog Lumps, the Panels are made of Wood, and the AC is automatic according to climate. Toyota Innova 2.5 E Diesel MS 8-seater is a diesel car with 8 seats. It has clock and cigarette lighter equipped within it.

Other features

It has some other features one of which is that this car is a multiutility vehicle. Now very few such cars are found in the market. It has rear door varnish, front grill has a very outstanding look.

There are also some other features like the body of the car is lean and stylish unlike any other car. This aerodynamic shape has created luxury in terms of space inside the car. The engine is more powerful than its previous models.

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