Canada is one of the biggest countries in the world. It is not only big, but also beautiful. There are various places that have amazing tourist destinations. Since the size of the city is very big, there are many destinations that are attractive to tourists. Here there is a list of some of the best places that need to be visited by people who travel to Canada.

There are various activities that an adventure minded tourist can do in Canada. The reason for this is that there is no dearth for mountains or for lakes and other water bodies. Trekking is possible in the many mountains and hills that dot the land. Water games like rafting is possible other than taking a cruise. The presence of snow on some of the mountains makes it possible for you to indulge in various activities like skiing and skating. In fact even some of the Winter Olympics have been held in Canada because of the fact that it is a place that has a lot of snowfall.

Toronto is one of the most popular destinations for tourists who visit Canada. Some of the important places that attract tourists to Toronto are the CN Tower, the Toronto City Hall that is a superb building and the Eaton square.

Montreal is another place that is well known and popular with many tourists visiting the place. Another city Vancouver is famous because of the presence of the Stanley park. This is a very famous park because it is one of the biggest parks in a city. Other then the park, there is another reason for Vancouver being on the tourist radar of people and this is because of the shore mountains.

Perhaps, the most famous and the most visited destination in the whole of Canada is the Niagara falls. The falls is world famous because it is the largest falls in the world. It is also very beautiful and amazing. Every person who visits this site will be stunned by the beauty. It is also possible to go on a cruise, very close to the waterfalls.

Another amazing tourist destination in Canada is the Banff National Park. As the name says, it is a park where the Rocky mountains of Canada are present right in the center. The national park has glaciers, rivers, lakes and even a part of the Rocky mountain inside it. This makes it possible for a visitor to the park to savor many aspects of Canada right within the park. Since the national park has such varied landscape, it is also home to some of the many different kinds of animal life.

If you have visited the national park, you will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the country. Other than the Banff National park, there are also other smaller national parks in the country.

There are many other places of interest in Canada. Any person who is interested in skiing or any other such sports will be able to enjoy to the maximum because of the presence of various skiing resorts present in the snow covered peaks of the mountains.

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