New Zealand is very often not visited by many tourists because it seems to be so far off from the usual tourist destinations. If you like this kind of situations, you will love a holiday in New Zealand. The nation is very close to Australia and many tourists who visit Australia make it a point to visit this island nation and neighbor of Australia. In fact the country is filled with so many tourist attractions that one would be missing a great deal if the country is not visited.

New Zealand also offers some of the best scenic beauties in the whole world. The sand is home to some huge mountains and also placid lakes. There are many beaches because it is an island. You could visit the Lake Wakatipu that is present near Queenstown. Here, you can have a nice boat ride in the placid waters. After the cruise on the waters, you can also trek on the Aoraki Mt Cook. This mountain is the tallest one in New Zealand. In Rotorua, there are many hot springs that are wonderful creations of the Earth's geography.

Other than the regular nature watch, there are also some amazing things to do in New Zealand that include Whale watching. This is possible in Kaikoura. You can also sail and kayak in the country. Many cruises are available where you will not only have a relaxing trip, but can see the island nation from the sea. These harbor cruises are very famous in New Zealand.

Some of the other main attractions and places to visit in New Zealand are as follows:

1. Auckland:

This is one of the bigger cities of the nation and you will be able to have a nice cruise here. In fact the city is called as the 'City of Sails'.

2. Christchurch:

This city of the country has many parks. There are also many gardens that are very beautiful and breathtaking. Every tourist who visits the nation will have a lovely time in this city that is also called fondly by the local people as the garden city.

3. Kaikoura:

This is the place on New Zealand where animal lovers and wildlife lovers will feel at home. This place has a lot of different kinds of animal life as well as birds that can be enjoyed. One of the special attractions of the place is the whale watching. There are a lot of sperm whales that can be watched in their natural habitat.

4. Beaches:

Though the whole of New Zealand is famous for the many beaches that dot the nation, there are some important beaches and the place that has the maximum visitors is Tasman. The beaches are pristine and you will love to be in such a beach!

There are also many other attractions that you will be able to see in and around New Zealand. Every person who visits the country will be attracted to the beauty and the loveliness of the place. You can directly fly into New Zealand or you can combine a trip to both Australia and New Zealand!

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