The following are tough interview questions and answers that you might consider giving to come across in a positive way. Consider each one carefully and be prepared to give answers that are thought provoking and intelligent, do your research on the internet beforehand to come across in an assured and confident manner.

What Do You Think About The Conflict In Iraq, The Credit Crunch, Barack Obama? (or something that has a social political bearing)
The purpose behind this question is for your interviewer to see if you take an interest in what goes on in the world, current affairs and so on and to show that your interest in the world doesn't stop when you shut your front door at night. The answer that you give will allow the interviewer to delve deeper into your character and learn about your moral and ethical standards. It is also a very important question in terms of giving an insight into how you deal with life and what you regard as important. Politically correct answers aren't always the right ones. What you need to do is illustrate to the interviewer that you have the ability to see and acknowledge all sides of a debate. Be careful to come across as not seeing things in black and white and illustrate an ability to form your own opinions on a subject, and have courage in your convictions. If you do this it will come across admirably and the interviewer will have greater respect for you. It is essential that you do not go off on a tangent and express controversial and prejudiced opinions on sensitive issues. This is a tough question and is particularly relevant to a certain kind of sector. For example, if you are applying to work for an oil company you may be asked your opinion on global warming and whether the work green peace does is right or wrong. In addition, you could be applying for a job with the foreign office in a government setting, but you do not want to list the things that they have done in recent years that you have not agreed with, this will make you come across as extremely argumentative and opinionated. Just use your common sense here and try not to offend the whole ethos of the company or come across as arrogant and ignorant.

What kinds of decisions to you find it difficult to deal with?

There are certain stages in our lives when we have to make difficult decisions and sometimes these decisions can impact negatively upon those around us. Let's take a look at the following example of a tough interview question and see how you would answer it.

What is the greatest weakness of your current boss?

This is a great opportunity to demonstrate what kind of a person you are and how professional you would be in the workplace. Even if you despise your current boss and are tempted to use this opportunity to slate him, you must remember that the person sitting opposite you may some day be your boss too. What would it sound like to them if you started going on a tirade to blacken their character? Be sure to come across in a positive way when you answer this interview question. It is your chance to sound loyal and professional and this will definitely impress your listener. Say something like, i really get on well with my boss, he/she is a great person to work for. I respect them a lot and I have learnt a lot from them during my time at ....... These kinds of answers to tough interview questions will give you a great advantage over your competitors and make you much less nervous and flustered during an interview, that is, if you take the time to preapre for it correctly.

Tell me what you think about your current company?

Despite the fact that you might think that your company is cheap and does not invest enough money in working standards and employee relations, and perhaps too much money on bosses perks, you should never say this or it will be to your detriment. You would be best saying something along the lines of, I have learnt so much form my current job and it has allowed me to progress along my career effectively. I have met a lot of good people who I will always keep in touch with and regard as friends. I was very happy there, but now it is time for a change. If you say things like this it will allow the interviewer to see where your priorities are and they will respect you a lot more because of it. It will also illuminate your people skills and display you as a loyal employee that they would be proud to have on their team.

What is your current Salary?

This is undoubtedly a very cheeky question and you should be careful how you answer it. There are tough interview questions and answers that will be asked of you, but you must ensure that you do your research on the best responses to give or you could be caught out quite badly. Here you would not want to state explicitly what your exact earnings are as you would not be getting the best deal. Employers will probably want to offer around a similar amount or slightly higher to tempt you. Bearing this in mind it is important that you do not lie either! Employers will know the basic salary and you will come across as devious and you will look ridiculous. If you are going to negotiate a salary then it is important not to state everything immediately that your current company gives you, such as company car, excellent health care etc. Instead of explicitly stating a figure you should say something that shows that you are more interested in the whole package that they can provice you with. Also mention that you are open to negotiation on the finer points.

Make me want to buy this pen

This is a tough interview question and one that will require a lot of thought if you are to blow the interviewer away with your skills. Even if the job that you are applying for is not directly related to sales or selling , it is a good question to ask as it allows a person to see your creative and persuasive skills and how adaptable you are in different environments. Your answer should be about the benefits of the pen rather than the product itself. We all know that it can be plastic with ink in it, but what you need to do is describe the benefits of it to the interviewer, how will it make your life and work easier for example? If you can see the bigger picture it will bode well for an employer and make them want to hire you. If you are applying for a sales role, the chances are that your interviewer will definitely ask you this question. However, it will not necessarily be a pen, but something more obscure and difficult to sell. Hone your skills for your answer to this question and write down as many things as possible that you can think of that will demonsrate your creative thinking and astute mind.

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