While designing websites one must find the right key words so that it can be easily searched and located by the users. Top SEO rankings of your website can help your business to generate more clicks and leads.

Ranking close to the major Search Engines is the key factor in getting free, targeted traffic to a website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps the websites to reach towards the number 1 position.

Keyword Analysis

While designing websites one must find the right key words so that it can be easily searched and located by the users. It is also essential to make sure keywords are relevant and specific to all web pages and should be optimized separately depending on the content of that page.

Step 2

Website Design

There are two objectives for a Webmaster while designing websites. First, it should be visually satisfying to all the customers in providing easy access to the information they are looking for.

Second, the website should be search engine friendly by ensuring that all website's pages are properly indexed with the search engines.

Step 3

Site Content

The next is the task of writing content-rich web pages that would sell the product or service to the client. Writing rich content with necessary keywords, saves considerable time. Websites optimized in this way would avoid quick fix Black Hat techniques and produce a constant flow of targeted traffic to the business and also prevent the website from getting penalized or banned.

Step 4

Link Analysis

Many of the major search engines like Google allocate great significance to "Natural Link Profile' while indexing a website. Great importance should be given to factors like linking it to well-respected websites or positioning the link closer to small paragraph of important Anchor text that contains keywords connected to the page the link it is pointing to.

Step 5

Submit, Review, Revise, Submit again is the constant process in Optimization. It is essential to review the rankings at least once a month and compare your website against others. It is also essential for a website to grow in size and content, or else it would fall after many other websites on the Internet struggling for the same top ranking you are searching for.

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