In this cosmopolitan city we can enjoy everything from sushi cooking class Brazilian classic and modern Italian dishes. Words can not explain the wondrous beauty of the restaurants sao paulo. Sao Paulo is Brazil's largest city. Before going for your vacation, we may be in under stress for hotels and other accommodation. São paulo provides multiple facilities to make your trip exciting. These hotels have designed and stylish, like staying in a luxurious. For food lovers, São Paulo is an extremely entertaining indeed.

1. Park Suites ITC :-

Numbers of restaurants in restaurants sao paulo that offers a reasonable price, superb service with convenient locations is Park Suites ITC. These accommodations are in the shopping street of Vila Olimpia. Good food, friendly service and an outdoor pool, it is extremely easy to see why this has become a preferred choice of many South American tourists.

2. Restaurant Figueira Rubaiyat:-

A large and elegant restaurant where people can get to eat outdoors. The room has built around a huge branches of fig trees and large windows. In this hotel, foods are engaging. Fish and seafood are highly enjoyable and serious steaks. The traditional feijoada - bean heavy and black pork stew, which is the national dish, is an individual on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

3. Sky Bar, Unique Hotel :-

Hotel Unique shaped like a giant boat. The architecture and design of a Bravo Brazil are characteristic of this imposing building is surprising. There is a fantastic terrace with chairs, a pool and stunning views of the city. Sky Bar is a variant of the famous cocktails, using reason, but is not as strong and as wholesome as the original.

4. Tenda do Nilo :-

This place is off the beaten track, a small family can run restaurant serving Arabic cuisine, good bread, fresh salads chopped. We also have the Lebanese dish combining meat, peas, bread and yogurt. Accompany provides these delicacies with a cold beer.

5. Frangó :-

This restaurant has located four miles from the center of the city, but it is worth the trip. Try some of the small Brazilian beer breweries such as Colorado Indica IPA. Furthermore, "Torresmo Porcao" -. Crackling fresh, crunchy, or any other name that should be done with a welcome bucket of beer, the prices easily.

6. Baby Beef Rubaiyat:-

Baby Beef Rubaiyat is the real deal. "Steakhouse" São Paulo is a typical restaurant with all the meat we want. These restaurants also offers a superb rendition of "feijoada", Brazil's national dish. This dish available, on wednesdays and saturdays only.

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