Adoption is a common means through which some couples who do not have kids try to get kids of their own. This is also a method in which some of the parents who already have kids try to help other kids with no parents and get joy through this. This method of getting a child is called as adoption. There are various advantages and disadvantages of adoption and every parent should know of these before they adopt a child.

Some of the common advantages and disadvantages of adopting a child are listed here.

Advantages of adoption

1. Joy:

The whole family is able to be happy. The joy comes from the fact that the family has been able to help another child. At the same time, the family is also happy that a child is in their midst. Some parents feel the same kind of joy as they felt when they had their own children. This is the ultimate joy that they could have given to a child who would have otherwise grown in a home.

2. Difference:

The parents have been able to make a huge change in the life of the child who has been adopted. If the child had not been adopted, the parents would have found it very difficult to live with the thought that they have not been able to help a child though they wanted to.

3. The advantage of adoption is that a child who would have had nothing in life has been able to get parents, siblings, joy and security. All these would never have been possible if the child was not adopted by the parents.

4. Society:

The number of people who are adopting kids is slowly increasing. This is a good sign because this will be helpful in decreasing the number of children who feel left alone. Parents who adopt kids are doing something good to the society by adopting the child.

Disadvantages of adoption:

There are some disadvantages of adoption too. They are as follows:


There are many conservative societies where adoption is a taboo. They feel that the child does not have the same genes and so the upbringing will be difficult. This is the common thought in these kinds of societies.


The child may know that he or she has been adopted and this may cause the child to feel that the parents may abandon the child at any time. This makes the child to feel very depressed at times and also the child may be very insecure. There are very few methods that will help the child to get over this.


The whole process of adoption is a long one and many parents do not want to go through this because of the very prolonged processing time. Though the government is trying to reduce the process of getting children for adoption, there are a lot of legal hassles too that make the process more complicated.

The child may also want to know all about the real parents if he or she knows that they have been adopted. This is a very difficult process and if the child is not able to find the real parents, the child may feel depressed and sad. The parents on the other hand will also be worrying all their life if their adopted child will be able to bond with them as much as their natural child is able to bond.

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