If you are planning to attend an interview, then the preparation for the interview is very important. These days, due to shortage of jobs, there are a lot of applicants for various jobs. This causes the person to have it tough in getting a job. The preparation for the interview plays a major role in deciding if the person is able to get the job or not.

The preparation involves attending mock interview sessions and also getting prepared for the likely questions that you may be asked during the interview. You should make sure that you have a ready answer for some of the common questions. These questions are listed here. The interviewer usually asks these questions to almost all the people who are being interviewed.

There are other questions that are equally important, but the fact that they are not common means that you have to prepare for them after preparing to answer the common questions. The 4 top questions that form the part of any interview are as follows:

1. Why did you leave the previous job:

This is one of the main questions that the human resource department asks of its candidates appearing for the interview. The main reason the question is asked is that the people want to know if the person who is being interviewed left the job due to some problem. There are various reasons for people leaving a job, but leaving a particular job in good terms with the employer is important. The reason for this is that there are some people who have left their job in a huff and have had bad terms with their previous employer and this has caused them to suffer a great deal later on.

2. What are your plans to develop the organization if you get the job?

This is another common question that is asked. This question is asked to identify if you have any background knowledge of the company where you have applied for the job. When you attend the interview of the company, you are expected to know a lot of details about the company which is interviewing you. This is because it will help the interviewers to think of you as a person who is really interested in the company and the development of the company. This attitude will help you to score over the other applicants.

3. What is your expected salary?

The salary is one of the most contentious issues in any company. The salary is usually negotiable in big companies, depending on the experience of the person who is applying for the job. So, the person who is appearing for the interview should decide on what he or she is expecting from the company as compensation. This will help to smooth things out.

4. Previous experience:

The experience of the applicant for the job is a very important aspect. There is sure to be some questions on this when the person is applying for the job. If the person had previous experience, then the human resource development team would like to know what the experience was. This will help the company to ascertain where you can be very productive for the company.

So, any person attending an interview should make sure that they are well prepared for these top questions that are likely to be asked in an interview.

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