There are many professional farmers who have been growing bumper crops of tomatoes for many years. These are the people who have had all success because they have been growing these amazing plants for many decades and this has given them all the experience they need. They have perfected the method of growing these plants and this has made them to be successful farmers.

On the other hand, there are many small scale growers of tomatoes who grow tomatoes as a hobby. In fact the number of people who have small tomato gardens in their house are far more in number than the big scale farmers but since the tomatoes grow only under the perfect conditions, many of these small scale hobbyists are left high and dry with no fruit. So here are some simple tips that will help you to get the tomato plants give you a bumper harvest, even in your small garden. These tips are all unique and you may not find anywhere else!

The amazing tips that will help you reap a bumper crop:

1. Avoid Frost:

If your plants are out in the garden during frost, then they will all die. So if you have potted plants, then make sure that you have them indoor when the frost is present. If you plants are out in the garden, make sure that you cover them to prevent the frost from killing the plants.

2. The soil:

The soil should have a pH of 6.0 to 7.0 and anything less or more will cause the death of the plant. So make sure that you test the soil, before you plant them, if you are really serious about your plants.

3. Warmth:

The plants need a lot of sun and warmth. There are different methods of protecting your plant from the cool breeze and they include covering the plant with cloth or making them sheltered by some other plants or trees.

4. Soil conditioning:

If the soil does not have any organic material, then you should get some compost and make sure that the soil is organic in nature as tomato plants love organic soil! The soil conditioning will help the tomato plants to have the best medium for their growth and will help you to get a bumper crop.

5. Watering:

If the climate is very hot, then you have to water the plant every day and if the climate is not very hot, then make sure that the soil does not become dry and water at regular intervals, on alternate days. The water should not be stagnant, if you want the best crop.

6. Replanting:

If you are replanting the tomato plants, then you should make sure that you make a hole that is the size of a foot ball and fill it with compost and egg shell for the necessary Calcium that will help the plant to grow strong. While replanting these plants, you should also make sure that you have adequate space between each of the plants. The space should be at least 12 to 18 inches between the plants. This helps in not only having enough space for the roots to grow, but will also help the sun's rays to reach each of the plants in the tomato patch!

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